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1 Year On...

1 Year On...


I turned twenty five nearly a year ago, during the past few weeks a good handful of close friends have commented on how much I've changed. Followed by a quick "in a good way of course". I'm always intrigued to hear their answers, it's usually something along the lines of you're more chilled, a lot healthier and you seem content. I agree with all three. Yet is this down to age or life experiences and lessons?

This year has been a huge learning curve, there have been really really tough times where all I wanted to do was run away or curl up under my duvet in a big mess of tears. However, there have also been insane, amazing times where I have laughed until my tummy hurt, loved friends and family unconditionally and done things I never imagined I'd do. I have crossed paths with interesting, unusual souls who have brightened my days.

Here are some of the posts that sum part of this year up (the part where I was blogging) as well as a few photos...



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Tea, Tea And More Tea

A post on how tea makes even the most difficult situations that little bit better.



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My Bucket List

The title says it all...


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My Present, My Future, My Life...

A little post on life...


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We Are What We Eat

A post on going vegan

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A Road Trip To Lyon

Might have road tripped to Lyon...

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38,000 Feet Again

In the air again...


The People You Would Struggle To Live Without


26 in two days...am I where I always thought I'd be by the time I turned 26? I think we'll leave that for another blog post.


Level 25

Level 25

Orange Lentil Curry

Orange Lentil Curry