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Wonderful Wednesday 10 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 10 of 2019

Hiiii Friends! That’s the greeting I use to say hello to my family and close friends, yep even my parents. How are we blooming’ well doing on this Wonderful Wednesday? It’s a bit dull here if I’m honest. It looks like it’s going to rain, we’re fortunate that it rarely does rain here, but I have to say it’s making me feel a bit blurgh. My joints are painful and my mood isn’t the bright, bubbly, energetic Peta I have been for the past few days, so I think this mid-week round up of lovely things is exactly what my soul needs right now. Let’s dive right into the wonderful as if it was a turquoise hued, calm sea in Paradise.

Pancake Day.
We have been preparing for pancake day for the past 6 weeks. I know, I know, pancake day is about using up the food in your cupboards, but we do love a pancake. We have them every Sunday morning so I enforced a pancake ban of sorts back in January. The subject of pancakes has popped fairly often as our excitement and anticipation for the day built. Luckily, it did not disappoint. I chose lemon, honey, crushed walnuts and mixed seeds as my topping and Cat Dad opted for bacon and maple syrup. We sat at the kitchen side on stools and enjoyed pancake after pancake. It was DELIGHTFUL.


The Pieces of You and Me by Rachel Burton.

Rachel’s new book The Pieces Of You and Me is a lovely story of a second chance at love. I love the characters, and find Jess, one of the main characters, who has a chronic illness to be very relatable. A book filled with soul and sweetness. I only started reading it two nights ago and have stayed up both nights way past midnight, totally engrossed and lost in the story. During the day I spend so much time thinking about the characters and I’m rather sad that by tonight I will have finished it! Luckily, I have two more of Rachel’s books lined up to read after this one.

Dental Clean.
I had my teeth all cleaned yesterday at the dentist. Due to some iron medicine I’ve been taking they were stained and the dentist gave me hell when I went for a check up a few weeks ago. They are not sparkly and shiny and I have changed the medicine to iron tablets, so no more stains hopefully! I do love a cleaning at the dentist.

I keep mentioning it everywhere, on my Instagram, in my newsletter, so I shan’t spend too much time on this, but we had an amazing time. The parade was incredible and I dressed up as a crazy cat lady, Cat Dad was my injured cat…with cone of shame and all! On Sunday morning we went to the Sweet War which happens every year in my town. It’s the only carnival event that survived Francos Dictatorship - if you’d like a little taste of the action, I made a very short video of it which you can see here.


Garden Days.
On Monday I spent the day pottering around in the garden with the cats, it’s my very most favourite way to spend a day. Albert Cat tried his best to help and ran absolutely riot. He’s very into holding on tightly to huge branches being dragged along the ground to the hole, his whole body being dragged along too. It’s like some kind of fairground ride for him! He just keeps going back for more. He excitedly ran through the big branches of the maple trees we were cutting back and jumped here there and everywhere. Unfortunately, he somehow ended up in the swimming pool, we’re not sure how it happened - I’m hoping he was chasing a leaf or twig rather than what happened last time, when Katie Cat pushed him into the pool right in front of us because she was in a bad mood. I’m happy to report he knows how to get out of the pool swiftly and was dry an hour later, back to running up and down the drive and chasing EVERYTHING.

Orange Tree Shoots.
My little orange trees are popping up in the cling filmed covered plant box on the windowsill and I’m so excited! I love growing absolutely anything, I just need to keep Katie Cat from seeing my tend to them too much. She can become jealous of literally anything, please don’t let the innocent face fool you. After 13 years, I’m very used to many a thing I treasure and love, ending up broken on the floor.

Recharged and full of energy.
As I said, I’m not feeling quite so full of energy today, but goodness me the past few days has seen my usual energetic self return and I have missed her! I’ve been dancing around, clapping and getting alllll of the things done. Yesterday I even managed to renew my driving licence which expires next month - if that is not adulting at its finest, I don’t know what is.

Russian Red’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
This version of one of my all time favourite songs is just gorgeous!

That’s my wonderful for this week friends, I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday. I’m going to make a flat bread for lunch, possibly with melted cheese on top, definitely with mashed avocado and most certainly featuring sun dried tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. See you next week for another instalment of the wonderfulness.

Love and cat cuddles as always,

Peta and FourKAATS (That’s their IG name ;) Its their initials, KAAT - Katie, Arthur, Albert and Tina, I know, sometimes I’m quite the genius.)

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