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Wonderful Wednesday 11 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 11 of 2019

Goodness me my loves WHAT A WEEK! The weekend seems a little like a dream! I think we’d better just dive right into the wonderful, but quickly, before we begin, do you have a beverage of choice by your side? If not, go and get one, I’ll wait ;) . Now are you comfy and settled in? Let’s begin.

Weekend Hashtag Project.
On Saturday morning I took a look at Instagram’s weekend hashtag project, the challenge was to create an image centred around the theme She Inspires Me. My mind was blank, I even thought I’d probably miss this one out as I just couldn’t seem to think of an idea. Cat Dad and I set about cutting back the trees in the garden and as I looked up at the top of the arch above the well, it hit me. An idea.

"Later, at sunset I need you to take a picture of me on top of the well arch, you’ll have to get on ladders to do it!” I yelled up at Cat Dad who was at the top of a tree. “Okay! We’ll do it.” he replied. By the time he came down from the tree an hour later, I had a whole series in mind. We spent the afternoon shooting photos and the following day too. I wanted to share a series of photos showing the women who inspire me online on my phone and somehow, we managed it!

I shared the first one on Sunday morning - the wonderful Mrs.Hinch, I couldn’t believe my eyes when Sophie shared it on her Instagram stories! I woke Cat Dad up crying. From that point on I kept sharing the series throughout the day, there were 12 photos in total. My phone had to be constantly on charge, it just kept running out of battery and I was blown away by the end of the day when I had over 700 new followers, I kept asking if I was dreaming, I felt so overwhelmed! We celebrated with sushi and noodles and when we went to bed I couldn't sleep for hours, my mind just kept whirring. The first image in the series is below, it got over 1200 likes which is just mind boggling to me. It really isn’t about the numbers at all, but I must say that I have had some of the loveliest conversations I’ve ever had on Instagram over the past few days, connecting with lots of like minded souls and cat mums. If you’d like to see the full series, just hop over to my Instagram profile here.


I’ve been meaning to introduce Cat Dad to this wine since he moved over in January but just haven’t got around to it. It’s a light bubbly white wine with just the right about of sparkle. Cat Dad really liked it and I thought I’d pop it on here for you just incase you too like white wine. Many of my friends love it, its a Spanish wine made not too far away from here. I’ve had a quick look online and you can order it from Vinissimus here, I have never used them before so make sure you do your research before buying!

As I mentioned earlier on we’ve been up and down trees all weekend long when not taking photos! I absolutely love gardening and can’t think of anything better to do on a weekend, with plenty of cups of tea, of course!

A Cup Of Tea With A Friend.
On Sunday morning, when the craziness of Instagram was going on, I popped out for a pre-planned cup of tea with a friend. I think it did me good as I was just manically cleaning at home with all the nerves! Does anyone else do this?!

Tina Cuddles.
Tina has a new floral cone of fame whilst her eye heals, she’s very very very comfy in it and I made this one with a velcro fasten which is much easier for us to get on and off and a little smaller which she seems to like very much.

She’s very into cuddling Arthur at the moment and to my great surprise, Arthur is letting her. It’s amazing how they just know when someone needs a cuddle isn’t it!


Back To Work.
It was lovely to return back to work on Monday with a very warm welcome from some of the beautiful little souls I work with. I got lots of hugs and many a story about what they got up to during their half term break. I can’t believe we’re already in March if I’m honest! Where has the time gone?!

Concerts and a trip.
I’ve got quite the day ahead of me tomorrow, I’ve been asked to go on a school trip hiking through a nature reserve which I’m very excited about followed by a concert in Barcelona in the evening. I think I’m going to require even more tea than usual you know… is that possible?!

A new mop bucket.
I had quite a few people giggling along with me on Instagram on Thursday as Cat Dad filmed me getting my new Vileda mop bucket, the one with the little step button which whizzes it around. You know the one, the one Mrs.Hinch has ;) . I’m so impressed with it as I can suffer very badly with my joints due to a chronic illness, my wrists are a big pain point and so mopping is something I’ll tend to leave if they’re hurting but now I don’t have to use any kind of force with my wrists with this new bucket and I’m in love. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s the link to the bucket on Amazon which I’ve just seen is 40% off right now! Ahhhhh! (That’s an affiliate link by the way!)

That’s all my wonderful for today my lovelies because goodness me it’s 10pm and I’d better get to bed! I hope you have a blooming’ WONDERFUL Wednesday, please do let me know what has made you smile in the past few days by sending a comment below, I love hearing about the lovely little things.

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,

Cat Mum x

Wonderful Wednesday 12 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 12 of 2019

Palomita Choc-a-lots

Palomita Choc-a-lots