20 Things I Say To My Cats
  1. "Are you hungry?"
  2. "Are you okay my babies?"
  3. "You are so naughty, but I love you so much!!"
  4. "Why are you on the kitchen side again?"

  5. "No, noooo, noooo that's Mummy's glass of water"
  6. "Please get off the kitchen side now"
  7. "I knowwww, yes I do, I dooo, I knowww"
  8. "Oh my baby is so tired, ever so tired."
  9. "Excuse me, I think I said off the kitchen side"
  10. "Did you miss me? Did you? Because I missed you ever so much."
  11. "You're so lovely, yes you are, you are you are you are"
  12. "Arthur, where are my hair clips? All of my hairbands are gone. Surprise surprise here they are in your bed, how many times do I have to tell you?!"
  13. "The scratching post is for scratching, the chair is not for scratching, I repeat it is not for scratching."
  14. "Oh, so I guess we're all going to go to the bathroom together..."
  15. "Who's a good boy?"
  16. "I love you so much I think I could pop"
  17. "Where have you been? Mummy has been calling and calling. You must come home when you hear me. Mummy was ever so worried."
  18. "Tina bear you have to go out at least once this week..."
  19. "No, this is your food, that's Katie's food."
  20. "So, I guess we're stuck here for the next hour until you decide we can move..."

20 Things I say to my cats every single day