2017 | My Goals, Hopes, Dreams & Wishes.

Hello hello hello and Happy New Year! I have spent the very first day of 2017 snuggled up by the fire with my favourite person, watching films and having plenty of furry cuddles with three fluff balls. It really has been every kind of wonderful.

As you are probably already very aware I am all about the planning and the goal making so of course resolutions are on the agenda today. They have been for the past few weeks as I've really taken time to consider what I would like to achieve in 2017. How would I like to grow and evolve and what I wish to learn from in the not so popular twenty sixteen.

Looking back over 2016  I've decided to treat it as the year that taught me so much, and laid firm foundations for an incredible 2017. There is always a bright side, but sometimes it just takes a little time to unveil itself.

So, twenty seventeen, what's the deal?

In a recent post I explained that I was no longer going to obsess over numbers, I have taken this a step further than just the online world into my personal life and goals. I tend to be an over achiever and will always push for more, whilst this proves to be successful on a results basis, it inevitably leads to exhaustion and burn out. I'm taking a kinder approach this year. To be considerate and gentle with myself, to the precious time I have and in giving those around me more of my time. I plan on having general goals that are light and flexible instead of weighed down by pressure. Here are my resolutions for 2017 as well as a few wise words I'll be bearing in mind as I journey through the best year so far.

My New Year Resolutions 2017

  • To spend more time with Fray, my friends and family. We are who we are because of the people we surround ourselves with. I'd like to dedicate more time to these lovely humans who make my soul happy.
  • To save money each month. There isn't an exact number, finances will fluctuate month to month so I'll be saving a different amount each month. However, I will save at least something on a regular basis and every little helps!
  • To workout every day with a healthy and happy me in mind. I won't be working out because I want to be thinner, more toned or a size XYZ. I'll be working out every day for a minimum of 15 minutes to maintain a content body. Workouts will range from bicycle rides to yoga, pilates and walks.
  • To create content on my blog and youtube channel that I am proud to publish. Quality over quantity.
  • To travel to different countries, something I am very excited about and looking forward to.
  • To read many many books whilst snuggled by the fire. During the past few years I have woken early to work on my blog or other projects, ran out of the house for work only to return late at night and sit infront of my laptop until the early hours of the morning. 2017 is going to be a little different as I plan on embracing the art of slow living and taking it a little easier. Plenty of tea will of course be required, as will interesting books - any recommendations are welcomed!
  • Daily meditation - I am a calmer, more concise and content person when I meditate. Just 10 minutes can change my whole day so it's a very important one for me.
  • To tick at least five things off my bucket list.
  • To enjoy social media again - I began to take twitter and instagram for granted and treated them as a tool to promote my blog rather than an interesting place to meet like minded individuals and lovely souls.
  • To make someone smile every day. A smile can change everything.

I'd love to hear what your goals, dreams, wishes, hopes and resolutions are for the big 2017, please comment below or tweet me on twitter! You can also find me on instagram - the wonderful world of delightful little squares.