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Wonderful Wednesday Número 3 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 3 of 2018

Oh it's here, it's here, it's here. The Wonderful Wednesday I have been looking forward to since returning back to work after the Christmas hols last Monday! It's a local holiday here today, and whilst part of me does think I should probably be out enjoying the festivities - throwing of sweets and lots of horses in the streets. (That rhymes...just saying') I'm so looking forward to spending the day catching up with everyone's blog posts, by the fire with all the tea and ticking bits and bobs off my blog to do list. 

Let's get on with the wonderful shall we? 

.: Post. 

On Monday two wonderful parcels were delivered - the first a Christmas gift from Jay who lives in America. We did a blog gift swap in December but because the postal system is somewhat...slow here in Spain, it didn't arrive until this week. There is something ever so delightful about late Christmas gifts. I was ever so excited to find all of the lovely things inside, especially the cat mama trinket dishes and a journal to make happy lists in, as well as the fluffiest warmest socks you ever did see! 

The second parcel was from my friend Rosalyn, who sent me a gorgeous make up bag filled with goodies - tea, hand cream and bath and glory soap as well as a beautiful notebook. I can't wait to get writing in there. 


.: Guidelines. 

I'm going to be sitting down this afternoon to create some very flexible guidelines for the blog and my social media. As I'm taking this space a little more seriously this year, rather than boxing myself in with rules, I want to try and make sure I don't lose myself and identity in the process. I find myself falling into the trap of wishing my content was more like other people's. If this were the case, then it wouldn't be mine, and quite frankly I wouldn't be me! 

.: Less than two weeks.

In less than two weeks time Fraser will be here, and I really can't wait. It's his birthday on Friday - sshhhh he doesn't want anyone to know! I wish with all my heart I could spend the day with him, but I'm consoling myself with the fact I'll see him in a very short time indeed! 

.: Yoga & Listening to my body. 

I'm a very active individual, I like to do yoga most days, walk a lot and go swimming a handful of times a week. This doesn't work out so well when you have joint that can be rather temperamental. Slowly but surely I'm really learning to listen to my body when it comes to exercise, a twinge alerts me that if I push more I'll injure myself for a few weeks. It's taking a while but I think I'm getting the hang of it - it's the battle with my mind that's the toughest part! Telling myself that I'm not skipping a swim because I'm lazy, but because I can feel something isn't quite right. It's funny how our minds work isn't it!

.: Arthur's snuggle time.

Isn't he ever so cute? I was making the bed before leaving for work yesterday morning (after Arthur had had his breakfast) and he wouldn't move, so I made it over him, this would usually make him get up, stretch and have a sniff around. But not yesterday! I think he thought a jammie day was in order! If only I could have joined him!!


.: Noodles

I go through proper phases with food and right now I'm in the pop a fried egg on top phase. I've had these noodles quite a few times over the past few days - you can find the sesame noodles recipe here. Please tell me others go through food phases too?!


That's all the wonderful I have for you this week my dears, for more wonderful please do hop on over to the other wonder women whom you can find here: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl ,

With Love,

Peta x


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