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Wonderful Wednesday Número 4 Of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 4 Of 2018

*Please adopt a gameshow host voice to read the following sentence.*Oh it's that day, my favourite weekday - it's only bloomin' Wooooooonderful Weeeeednesdaaaaaaay. Welcome to the weekly round up of all thiiiiiiings wonderfuuuuuuul.

*You can now continue to read in my own voice, which is very British with a slight Cornish twang*

I've really been looking forward to today this week, after quite the prolonged weekend stay in Migraine Land, followed by a short stint in Headache Ville, I'm happy to say that today, my head is much clearer, and lighter, and I feel like I'm having proper thoughts again - rather than broken up bits and bobs rattling around a pulsing, banging concrete balloon. Plenty of sleep has been had - the greatest healer of all, followed by the second best medicine, bucket loads of water. There's a lot to be said for those two isn't there? Especially when teamed together.


Before we begin, I'd like to make sure you're ready to fully embrace the wonderful. Do you have a steaming hot beverage of your choice in front of you? Are you nice and warm? Maybe a blanket over your legs, or if you're reading this on your commute pop your scarf or coat over your knees. There's nothing like being cosy. Take a deep breath in, a long breath out. Let's begin.

.: Easter Flights.

On Monday night we booked my flights to go back to Cornwall for the Easter Holidays. After a very stressful, non-stop visit over Christmas, I'm looking forward to a much slower paced, country lane walks and an abundance of tea kind of visit this time. A film day has been pencilled in with Fray, and I can't wait to visit my favourites of course, but a little less of the go go go.

.: Walnuts.

A handful as I'm walking to work, or nibbling on them as I type up this post, I've really fallen for walnuts again this week. I find them so satisfying - the crunch, the taste and just how filling they are. Tell me I'm not alone in my love of raw, unsalted nuts? Reassure me I'm not turning into a crazy nut lady. (However, If I am, I'm totally okay with that.)


.: Brownie Sandwich.

Whilst not strictly this week from Monday to Wednesday, I had to mention this Birthday cake I made for my Dad. Marrying two of his loves - chocolate and salted popcorn, it went down an absolute treat! I've popped the recipe here in case you fancy giving it a go yourself. As always, it's Dairy Free & Refined Sugar Free - this one is even Gluten Free!


.: Open doors and windows.

I walked into the staff room yesterday, and the door to the terrace was wide open along with the windows. What a difference it made! I had ten minutes before class so I popped out into the fresh air. Fresh air in the lungs and a little peace and quiet before facing a class of six year olds is ALWAYS a good idea.


.: Blogtacular Podcast.

If you're signed up to my weekly newsletter which goes out on a Monday morning (little thoughts for the week ahead, plus my favourite things on the web and usually a yummy recipe too! - you can sign up here.) You'll know I've been on a bit of a podcast binge recently, in fact they're all I've been listening too whilst cooking, cleaning and walking to work. I've only just discovered the Blogtacular Podcast and I've literally been binge listening since Friday! I'm not willing to admit to just how many episodes I've listened to, because quite frankly, I was astonished! If you're into blogging, and enjoy tuning into interviews then I can't recommend it enough! I've also really enjoyed Sara Tasker's interview with Emma Gannon along with Jess Lively's latest podcast on the law of attraction.

 .: A change of name. 

On Sunday evening I changed my social media handles to TheLifeOfPeta . I had previously chosen pe_taonline in a panic when I couldn’t use pe-ta and have regretted it ever since! I felt it was really corporate and business like. I absolute adore my new username, and popped up a new profile pic too whilst I was at it! 

.: Cable Girls.

It's a Spanish TV show, however it is on Netflix if anyone doesn't mind watching with subtitles - unless you know Spanish of course! Set in the 1920s, it follows the lives of four or five girls who work for a telephone company. I adore the story lines, the clothes and of course the period drama-ness of it all! I've been fitting in an episode, or half of an episode here and there, and it's a lovely way to wind down after a busy day at work.

Whilst I could write and write and write about many more wonderful things this week, I'm in rather an inspired mood, I think I'd better leave it there. I hope you're having a lovely week, and that this little list of happy things brightened your day. It has given me such a fuzzy warm feeling from my tiptoes right up to the hairs on my head! Please pop along to the other Wonder Women's posts for more wonderful-ness: Sally, Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El ,


With Love,

Peta x

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