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Wonderful Wednesday Número 14 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 14 of 2018

Good morning and happy Wonderful Wednesday my loves. I've skipped a number, as you'll see above. My other half has a thing about the number thirteen...it's beginning to rub off on me I think! How are you doing? I hope you're having a lovely week. I'm writing from the kitchen table in rainy Cornwall. The birds are chirping though and I have a huge steaming mug of tea on one side of me. My lap is being used as a headrest for a certain chocolate brown Labrador's head on the other side and life really is pretty bloomin' wonderful. 

After I've tip tapped out this post, I'm going to pop up and see my Grandparents with some of these Chocolate Popcorn Cupcakes. This afternoon I'm heading to the woods with my best friend Laura. Stomping around in the mud, chatting away for hours and taking pictures of woodland is my idea of heaven. Any kind of outdoors activity makes me happy, as long as I'm wrapped up warm and there's tea of course. Before I waffle on for too long about my plans for the day and week ahead, I think we'd better dive into the wonderful of the week so far, after all it is Wonderful Wednesday. 

The Seal Sanctuary

On Monday we ventured down to Gweek near to Helson, we had a set destination, there was no messing around, The Cornish Seal Sanctuary has been on our To Visit list since Lucy mentioned the seal sanctuary on her blog a while back. 30 minutes into the journey, we had to make a Tea Stop as I was getting teasy due to running in emptea. What can I say?! It was a day of tea and seal puns.

We spent around four hours at the sanctuary exploring the woodland and taking in all of the beautiful seals. They also have sea lions, penguins and otters. I love how each of the pools has signs around it informing visitors on the current residents in the pools, their names, their likes and dislikes as well as the story behind why they're at the sanctuary and if they'll be released back into the sea or will be permanent guests. Fraser and I are big animal people, we'll take a day outdoors surrounded by animals over shopping any day of the week. We would highly recommend the sanctuary if you're down this way. I'll pop a post up about it over the next few days as I love looking back on our day trips out, like when we visited the Aquarium in Plymouth and did the Camel Trail cycle route.  The Cornish Seal Sanctuary got our seal of approval ;). 



I have been online friends with Lucy for goodness knows how long now! You know when you meet someone online and just click with them? I adore absolutely everything Lucy does, from her weekly gratitude posts on her blog to her beautiful paper products she sells in her shop Leaf Lane Studio.  I digress, gone off on another tangent there! I received a lovely gift from Lucy this week, a beautiful Eden Project bag. It really is wonderful getting gifts in the post isn't it? 

(I've now moved to the sofa with Molly (the Labrador) and we are tucked under a cheerful yellow blanket. I'm starting to wish I could stay here all morning now! Keep thinking up the wonderful Peta, come on! )


Yesterday we went  into Plymouth with Fraser's Grandad and Abbie, who I blooming well adore. She is first and foremost now my friend who loves cats and tea almost as much as me. She's also Fraser's brother's girlfriend. Are you keeping up?! Anyway, yesterday we went to the usual Italian restaurant Grandad always goes to on a Tuesday and had such a yummy meal. I do love Italian and they're ever so understanding in there when it comes to my allergies and intolerances. 

New Book

I picked up Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine in the bookshop yesterday and oh my goodness gracious me, I am hooked! I can't put it down!! It's so much cheaper on Amazon, £3.99 for the paperback version at the moment! (That link is an affiliate link, I thought you may find it useful if you'd like to get your hands on a copy!)

Strawberry Mousse

Yesterday I was playing around in the kitchen, coming up with a filling for chocolate cupcakes and created a strawberry mousse. It goes so well with granola topped with blueberries. Just soak cashews in warm water for a few hours, mix with honey and strawberries in a food processor until smooth. It is every kind of wonderful. 

Springtime in Cornwall

Is there anything lovelier than a proper British Spring day? Sunday was gorgeous as was Monday. We really made the most of it, taking Molly our for walks, wrapped up warm of course and listening to the birds chirping away. Lambs were frolicking in the fields and the whispy clouds travelled overhead rather quickly. Daffodils swayed in the breeze and that fresh Spring air filled our lungs. Every kind of wonderful I tell you, EVERY. KIND. OF. WONDERFUL. 


Here we are, at the end of rather a lengthy Wonderful Wednesday post! I hope you're having such a lovely day. For more wonderful, please pop over to these lovely bloggers who share their lovely moments of the week so far on a regular basis: 



Sending lots of love, tea and hugs your way. Molly says she sends very furry cuddles too.

Peta xx

Chocolate Oat Cookies

Chocolate Oat Cookies

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