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Wonderful Wednesday Número 18 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 18 of 2018

Hello hello hello there and happy Wonderful Wednesday. I'm writing this on a Tuesday evening whilst cooking yet more carrot cake pancakes for dinner. It's an obsession, I don't know what to do about it. My name is Peta and I am a Carrot Cake Pancake Addict. Recipe here if you fancy joining me though ;). 

Shall we get on with the wonderful I am bursting to tell you about?! LET'S! First, as always, please make sure you have a cup of goodness at your side - whatever preferred beverage you enjoy the most and that you're warm and snuggly. Ready? Then we shall begin. 

Ben Harper.

On Saturday Adam invited me to a concert in Barcelona. He messaged in the morning asking if I liked Ben Harper. I maaaay have confused Ben Harper with Ben Howard and spent the day listening to Ben Howard in preparation. It was only about an hour before I was due to leave that I googled where the concert was and realised my mistake. I met Adam at the train station and burst out laughing when he told me he had made exactly the same mistake. We had a brilliant time and Not Ben Howard was bloody marvelous! There's something to be said for being pushed out of your comfort zone and getting out of the town you live in, even just for an evening! 

Spring Smells.

I adore the smell of Spring, imagine if you could just bottle it up. Pretty flowers, freshly cut grass and allllll the outdoorsy smells drifting in the breeze. 


A Letter To 34 Souls I Follow Online.

I published a letter of gratitude to 34 souls I follow online on Sunday and the feedback has been ever so wonderful. I absolutely LOVE that so many have found new souls to follow online. It took a while to pop the list together, but every time I think about it I get this warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. It feels ever so good to tell those you appreciate just how grateful you are for them.

Lemon & Ginger Tea.

We'e back on the lemon and ginger tea my friends. I squeeze a whole lemon into a mug, add quite a large amount of chopped fresh ginger and hot water. It just feels so deliciously cleansing and wonderful. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

So, it's a love hate relationship. Before I go any further I'm talking about the Netflix series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend not an actual crazy ex. Much like The Good Place, it took me a while to get into this series and now I'm weirdly obsessed. It makes me giggle, it's an easy watch buuuuuut I'm not a fan of the songs. 



I've spent this afternoon in the garden and there is nothing quite as satisfying as being physically worn out from something. Also tea breaks whilst gardening are THE ONE. I made this little video whilst pottering in the garden yesterday. 

Two Weeks Of Wonderful.

The next time I'll be tip tapping away on Wonderful Wednesday Fraser will be here for two whole weeks and this makes my heart every kind of happy. I'm sure I mentioned it last week, but I can't help mentioning it again!! EEEEEP!

That's all the wonderful I have for you so far this week, please do pop over to the other wonderful wednesday gals for a catch up of their weeks:  SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Laura

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Strawberry & Cherry Tomato Rice Salad

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