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Wonderful Wednesday Número 21 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 21 of 2018

Goodness me how on earth is it Wednesday again? I feel like the days have utterly flown by this week already. I'm still in headache land, however my lovely friend has been giving me acupuncture which is helping to relieve some of the pressure at the sides and top of my head. The weather has been lovely over the past few days and I'm looking forward to opening up the windows tomorrow morning, letting the breeze bellow in, with the curtains flying every where whilst I clean the flat from top to bottom. Shall we get on with the wonderful my loves?

As always, a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate is absolutely necessary in order to really enjoy this gratitude post full of little happy moments of my week so far. Failing a love of hot drinks - something which I finid difficult to properly comprehend, a glass of orange juice, water or a smoothie will do just as well. Are you comfortable? Then let us begin. 




I adore nectarines, the juicy sweet fruit that is so right in so many ways. I particularly like mine cut up into slices, popping slice after slice into my mouth and thoroughly demolishing a whole one, or two, in record time! 


Garden Jobs. 

Fraser and I set to work in the garden on Sunday evening cutting down the dead palm leaves off the palm tree right in front of the patio. It has been such an eyesore for years, so when he offered to chop them off and give it a tidy up I jumped at the chance! It's ever so tall and I don't think ladders, power tools and little old me go well together. I'm much more experienced at holding the ladders and chit chatting whilst Fraser saws them off, shouting 'TIMBERRRR far too late.


Date Night In Sitges.

On Saturday night we ventured into the nearby town of Sitges, where I went to school and where I first lived upon moving to Spain. Fraser and I had a wander around the port, admiring the beautiful yachts before settling upon a lovely restaurant to have dinner. We ate in La Taberna Del Puerto, opting for steamed muscles and a vegetable paella, along with a cheeky glass of cava. It was ever so wonderful and quiet, we were home by 10 in our jimjams watching Dynasty. 



Did I mention Dynasty in my last Wonderful Wednesday? Most likely! We are both completely obsessed and absolutely loving it. Fraser returned to Cornwall on Monday so we watched an episode together whilst being apart - how wonderful it is to have facetime and netflix so that we can remotely watch shows together! 


Ninja Food Warriors. 

I'm not usually a competitive person unless it's against my other half. We've always dared each other to do everything and anything - during our teens it used to get very out of hand. Our new challenge is a lot tamer - whose recipe is the most popular?! At the weekend we both published a recipe on my blog and social media platforms. I made Stuffed Baked Potatoes and Fraser created Change Me Up Noodles. Overall I won the challenge, thank you everyone on Instagram! However the noodles have been very popular on the blog over the past few days! I'm looking forward to our next challenge and hoping I'll stay in the lead ;) 



Chamomile Tea. 

One of my lovely workmates offered me a a cup of chamomile tea at just the moment I really needed one today. There is something so very soothing and calming about this flower tea. 


Summer Smells. 

Walking along to work this morning those Summer smells hit me like a lorry, petal scents wafted in the breeze, a sniff of sun cream here and a whiff of coffee and croissants being enjoyed outside there. The beginning of Summer is my favourite part of the season, it's not too hot yet but everyone is getting excited, shedding layers and holding their face up to the sun, soaking in all of his bright and beautiful rays. Another sign that Summer is here is the cold water when you run the tap - it isn't quite so cold anymore! 


Fluffy Cuddles.

The first night away from Fraser is always the most difficult for me, especially after spending a few weeks together. So last night I slept on the sofa with the fur babies. I dragged my duvet and pillows on, having pulled it out into a sofa bed. This is our ritual whenever Fraser goes home. We all snuggl up together. It sounds silly, but having them to cuddle up to and not being in my bed makes me feel a lot less lonely for the first night! 



Nooooooooodle Love. 

I made up kind of soup this morning and at the very last minute, after taking it off the heat I added rice noodles. I didn't want them to cook fully as I was taking it to work for my lunch. I've never tried rice noodles at work as I HATE it when they go gloopy, however doing it like this meant that they didn't! After reheating them in the microwave, they were just right and very yummy indeed! 


The Royal Wedding. 

Can we talk about the wedding of the year for just a moment? Wasn't it beautiful, witnessing so much love and happiness in one room, with so many familiar faces and the bride dressed so beautifully. Oh it made me all kinds of emotional let me tell you!! We started watching it whilst I was at acupuncture, probably not the best idea but I desperately wanted to see her dress. I must admit, this is my favourite royal wedding related video though. Poor thing, she cracks me up every time! 

I hope you're having a lovely week and that this mid-week list of happiness makes you think of your own lovely moments of the week so far. For more Wonderful Wednesdays have a nosey on these blogs:  SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamElLaura

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,


Peta & The Bears x

Cheeky Chickpea Sidekick!

Cheeky Chickpea Sidekick!

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Stuffed Baked Potatoes