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Wonderful Wednesday Número 22 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 22 of 2018

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty twooooo. I’m not really, in fact I turn twenty eight on Monday, eek!  However Taytay has a way with melodies and lyrics and this wonderful Wednesday post is most certainly feeling twenty two! Goodness me, the twenty second mid-week happiness post of the year - doesn’t time fly when your tip tapping about all of the wonderful each week! Without further ado, here’s my list of happiness of the week so far.

 Those Paws 

We all know a gratitude post of mine wouldn’t be complete without a mention of my babies. On Sunday night they all joined me for bedtime, which was a squish to say the least. Having four little purring buddies, so content, so relaxed and so sleepy just fills my heart to the brim and I swear it overflows with love for them. I feel like my heart could burst sometimes, is that strange? I don’t care one tiny bit if it is, because they bring me so much joy. 



Garden fruit  

The apricots are allllmost there, they usually ripen up quite literally on my birthday. Every single year I watch them thinking ‘not this year’ then suddenly overnight they’re ripe and juicy and falling off the trees. I over did it one year, eating apricots with everything and so now I tend to freeze a lot or make jam. However I do have a few apricot themed recipes on the blog from previous years i’ll be whipping out over the next few weeks again. 


A little present 

One of my four year old students came into class all smiley and proudly handed me a present - a very squashed little flower. “I saved it for you!” He said and followed up with a fart before responding “I saved that for you too!” Swings and roundabouts I guess! 

 A little morning routine

I’ve found myself a new little routine after breakfast. I have a shower, wrap myself in my dressing gown, make a cup of tea and pop a podcast on as i get dressed, lotion and potion up my face and spritz my favourite perfume on. There’s nothing like a nice ten minutes of getting ready to start the day! 



I’m ever so grateful for my lovely friends and I often now forget to mention it here. Full of support, love and a shoulder to moan to. I don’t know what i’d I would without them, both in my day to day life and online. 

 All I Know About Love.

I’m just finish Dolly Alderton’s All I Know About love and I have laughed out loud, nodded along and completely balled my eyes out whilst reading it. What a beautifully written biography. 

 The painting on the wall.

Every day I walk past this painting on the side of the doctor’s and every single day I just stop and stare in awe, seeing things I hadn’t noticed before in it. 



That’s all the wonderful I have for you this week my loves. Sending ever so much love your way. 

Peta x

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