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Wonderful Wednesday Número 19 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 19 of 2018

Hello my loves, happy Wonderful Wednesday. I hope you're having a delightful week and that it gets even better here on out! I had a little accident at work on Monday which left me with minor concussion and quite the bump on my head! I named the bump Bert... because I do love to name everything.

Luckily Fraser is here and was happy to take care of me when I got home from the hospital with the cut stitched up and under strict instructions to rest. I may have played on it slightly insisting that I had cravings for popcorn due to my head injury. I'm sure that's a thing, right?! Apart from the sore head, I am feeling much better today and so happy that I get to catch up with you and all the happy moments of the week so far. Shall we get on with the wonderful then?!



Lidl Tea. 
I was browsing the shelves of Lidl on Friday and came across an offer they had on for herbal tea. 2 boxes for a euro, so I snapped up four flavours to give them a go. There are only 12 tea bags in a box, however I've fallen pretty hard for the Lemon & Ginger flavour along with the Wellness flavour.

Yoga & Meditation. 
On Monday morning I started the day with a good old stretch on my yoga mat and a ten minute meditation. It made such a difference that I started my morning like this instead of waiting until later on in the day to stretch. 

After a yummy breakfast I treated myself to a bath. I wasn't off work on Monday as it wasn't bank holiday Monday here in Spain but I had enough time to enjoy a lovely bubbly soak and my goodness can that work all kinds of magic, especially if you include a hot chocolate matcha latte... which I did. 


Food Galore
On Sunday I cooked up a storm in the kitchen with really simple bits and bobs for salads. It's so lovely having a fridge full of food which you can just pop a generous spoon of each concoction and drizzle over a spot of honey and balsamic vinegar. I made a pink pasta salad with grated beetroot and pear, a Spanish Omelette, a Strawberry and Cherry Tomato Rice Salad , a very simple potato salad - the best kind of potato salad!! Along with a Beetroot and Carrot Slaw. I'm really enjoying pink food at the moment, can you tell?! 

This video on Twitter.

I spotted this video on twitter and it tickled me ever so much, pets really do do the funniest things! 

Fraser's Back!
Having Fraser back for two weeks makes everything just feel a little lighter, a little easier, a little... righter. It's lovely to go home to someone and chat in person about bits and bobs. He had to wash my hair this morning for me as I can't get the cut on my forehead wet... there was plenty of "Wow, you have lots of hair." and "There's lots of strings to it, they're really long." which made me giggle! 

Ideas Galore.
As well as yummy food galore, I've had quite a few ideas lately for possible projects I'd like to work on, some alone and some with help from others. I do love it when a flood of ideas just bombards my mind however it can be rather frustrating when you can't pop them into action right away! 


Vanilla Candles.
I purchased some vanilla tea lights and two vanilla candles from my local supermarket this week. I love the way they make the house smell even without lighting them. 

Cat Snuggles.
Katie Cat is currently going through a I need to be on you at all times always phase. This happens every now and then and it simultaneously melts my heart and kind of drives me a little mad - try writing on your laptop when a cat doesn't want you to. It is near on impossible. 

A New Little Mantra.
I love a mantra, I love positive sayings, quotes and phrases and I ADORE rolling this one around my mind as I potter about. 

"I am happy, healthy, wealthy and fit." I heard it on Earn Your Happy Podcast which Lucy recommended in her weekly gratitude post last week. I'm really getting into the podcast too!

Happy Place.
Speaking of podcasts, I binge listened to Fearne Cotton's Happy Place on Sunday as I cleaned and it just made me alllll of the kinds of happy. 

Monica Cleaning.
I did a Monica off of F.R.I.E.N.D.S style clean on Sunday and oh how good that kind of cleaning is for the soul! I even managed to clean allllll off the windows. 

That's all the goodness for this week my loves. I hope you're having a lovely day whenever it is that you're reading this. If you'd like a spot more wonderful in your day, please do check out the other WW-ers who often post about the happy moments of their week so far too! SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamElLaura

With love,

Peta & The Bears x



Peta & The Bears 

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Beetroot & Carrot Slaw