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Wonderful Wednesday Número 28 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 28 of 2018

Hello hello campers and welcome to another scorching Wonderful Wednesday. I'm so happy you're here to read along with all the wonderfulness of the week so far. I love writing up these posts, they make me stop for an hour and think about the goodness the week has brought so far. Let's get on with all the sparkly, fuzzy, heart-warming goodness shall we?


We we watched the film Joy on Netflix a few nights ago and I absolutely LOVED it. Fraser wasn't quite so keen, but it pulled at my entrepreneurial heart strings in every way imaginable. A movie which left me feeling inspired and motivated, knowing that we can all achieve so much if we just have faith in ourselves. 

Making Sushi.
On Monday night we made sushi, which we filmed, a certain Cornish boy is sat next to me at the dining room table editing the video for the IGTV channel. I have to keep stopping and giggling because there are so many out-takes. Sushi making was actually a lot of fun and way way way cheaper than buying take-away sushi, I think it'll become a nice little treat for us each month. We used tinned tuna, avocado, cucumber and peppers - my favourite was the avocado one with a spot of wasabi. 

The promise of an iPhone battery that lasts all day... or at least doesn't have to be charged 6 times a day. 
Oh yes my loves, Fray has taken pity on me and offered to pay for a new iPhone battery. My phone is overheating so much that I can't hold it in my hands and have to use the very tips of my fingers around the outside. One day I shall be a millionaire and buy him all the iPhone battery replacements he could ever want. Until then, I shall gratefully accept the €29 - thanks Fraser. (This sounds all graceful of me, it has taken him around a year to convince me that I need a new one and that he would like to pay for it... I have issues with money and accepting help from others, anyone else?) 


Good Girls.
Holy guacamole please tell me someone has watched Good Girls on Netflix because I NEED  to speak to you about it. I literally have to pause three to four times during each episode to digest what has just happened. When it finishes I have to have a tea-break to process all of the issues before watching the next one and oh my goodness it's my new favourite. Think Desperate Housewives meets Breaking Bad. 

Yesss, I know I said we were taking two whole weeks off for holibobs but we've ended up doing work things here and there this week. However we have rewarded ourselves with Good Girls, so it's alllllll fine and dandy. On Monday we went into Barcelona for a wander, unfortunately my joints got very bad very quickly and I overdid it walking around and back to the station. Yesterday was mainly spent on the sofa, podcast listening and writing An Ode To Eating With Our Bare Hands.

Mussels cooked in white wine and sweet white onion served with oven baked, huge potato wedges - every bloomin' kind of wonderful. 

A Cool Breeze. 
This heat is really taking its toll, with temperatures reaching 45'c in the day and not falling below 22'c at night a delightful breeze wafting through the kitchen window is oh so very welcome. I may have tried cable-tying frozen bottles of water to the fan in the bedroom, just in case you were considering doing the same, it doesn't work. 


I mentioned them in last week's Wonderful Wednesday post and I'm mentioning them again because nachos y'all. (I have never said 'y'all' before, maybe I've been watching too many American series, I feel it goes well though) It's their cunchy salty wonderfulness that just makes everything better. Yes Nachos Yes. 

Cat Food Order.
The cats have a favourite day each month, it's when the cat food box arrives. It's not because of all the yummy goodness inside, or a little toy I often treat them to... it's the box. The box which now has to stay in the dining room for a week until they get bored of it! 

That's all my wonderful for the week so far, I hope you're having a delightful day whatever day you're reading this. You can find more wonderful over on the other WW blogs here: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamElKerri's, and Ellie's

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,

Peta & The Bears xx


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