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How To Get Inspiration For Meals and Snacks

How To Get Inspiration For Meals and Snacks

Sometimes that most difficult part of eating is deciding what to eat. It’s all too easy to fall into food ruts, too overwhelmed by recipes spotted here but not quite sure where here is, meal ideas saved over there...but where is over there? I’m sure I saw that a blogger I loved instagrammed a really yummy breakfast idea, but I can’t remember the blogger...or what the breakfast idea was for that matter. If this feels rather familiar, it’s time to get intentional with food.

Today we’re going to cover a handful of my favourite sources for foodspiration. Give them a go, try out ideas of your own, let go of the ones that don’t serve you and keep the ones that do. You don’t need to get food inspiration from all of the sources, pick and choose the ones that work for you. The most important thing is that you feel excited and inspired by the meals and snacks you discover.

I tend to check my foodspiration sources at the weekend and batch cook meals and snacks that make my mouth water. I don’t always use it all up, some of it is carefully packaged up and popped in the freezer for another day or given to friends or family to try and ignite their own inspiration for food. I eat mindfully every day, asking myself what I feel like eating, much of the time it’s what I intentionally put together on a Sunday for the week ahead, sometimes it’s not. I listen to my body and go with it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with food ideas either, if a recipe tells you to add 100g of mince meat but you’re not a fan, why not try 100g of shredded mushrooms instead? The recipe requires maple syrup but you don’t have it? Try it with honey, you never know you may like it even more. Sometimes the experiments won’t work and sometimes it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever eaten. Go with it, enjoy the process and have fun. You’ll learn way more about cooking than any cookbook could ever teach you.



Pinterest is one of my absolute favourite places for recipe inspiration. I pin recipes I like the look of to specific boards, I love the fact that if you click on an image on pinterest and scroll down it will show you similar images you may like. With recipe pins it will show you similar recipes. You can always make boards private so that only you can see them if you wish to.


Take a look at hashtags like #f52grams or #onmykitchentable for foodspiraiton. Search for specific foods you like such as #pastalover or by season #AutumFoods, you can even search for inspiration using hashtags like #glutenfree or #freefrom if you have food allergies.

Use hashtags to share your own yumminess too and inspire others. I use #feelgoodfoodspiration and would love to invite you to share your food photos using this hashtag too so that we can all gain lots of delicious inspiration.

On instagram you can add images to collections using the little bookmark tool, when you have 6 images saved into the collection you can tap see more like this and instagram will show you similar images = more food inspiration, yay!

Food Magazines.

I love Gluten Free Heaven magazine as I find the recipes included are so easy to adapt. I like looking over past issues for inspiration. Lifestyle magazines often feature some great recipes too so I tend to tear the ones out that I like the look of and keep them in a handy folder.

Food Blogs.

There are so many food blogs out there so if you’re going down this route, just pick a handful and stick to a few for now. I love blogs like Nourish by Rebecca, Cider With Rosie and  A Bookish Baker for scrumptious meal and snack ideas. You can pin recipes from these blogs onto your pinterest boards or alternatively print them out or bookmark them on your browser.

Talk to others about food.

One of my favourite questions to ask pretty much anyone is what did you have for dinner last night? Most people enjoy talking about food and I love getting dinner ideas from others. I will often ask how they made the meal and it’s a great topic of conversation.

Feel Good Foodspiration Newsletter.

Each Thursday I send out a newsletter with four recipe ideas I’ve found online - none of them are my own ideas and I stick to four as I think more would be overwhelming! You can sign up here if you’d like to receive the newsletter.

I hope you’ve found these tips for foodspiration useful! I’d love to know where you get your inspriation for meals and snacks from.



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