26 Things About Me

I saw this on good old Facebook this morning and thought it would be a nice little Monday morning post. 26 things about me... Age: 26 (eek!) Biggest Fear: Oooh this is tough... I guess my biggest fear is not achieving all of my goals. Current Time: 12:20 Drink you had last: Tea Everyday starts with: Speaking to Fraser on the phone, he usually wakes me up! Favorite song right now: I haven't really got one right now which is unusual for me. Ghosts, are they real ? : I believe so Hometown: Looe, Cornwall Love someone?: Yeeessss Jealous Of: Those who can sit and do absolutely nothing, I really can't. Killed someone: Nope Last time I cried: Last night whilst editing my vlog... I'm a pretty emotional little person. Middle Name: No middle name! Number of siblings: 1 One wish : That my family and friends are always happy and healthy. Person you last called: Fraser Question you are always asked: How do you fit so much into your day? Reason to smile: It's a beautiful sunny day Song last sang: Sorry Time you woke up: 07:30 Tshirt colour: I'm wearing a dress, it's pink. Vacation destination: I'd love to visit Australia. Worst habit: Portion sizes, I overfeed people. Have you had X-rays ?: Far too many... Your favorite food: Honey! Zodiac sign: Gemini

I thought I'd be cheeky and challenge a few fellow bloggers to complete the list too:

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If you completely the 26 things about me list I'd love to have a read because I'm kinda, a little bit, very nosey. Pop your link in the comments below!


Me x