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Forever catching my breath...

Forever catching my breath...


Iiiiiiit's Suuuuuuundaaaaay!! Time for my little weekly round up. This week has been incredibly stressful, with the end of the school year imminent, reports to write, exams to correct and end of year shows to perform, absolute chaos ensues. I thrive in chaos, when things are quiet and slow paced I get bored very quickly. This week has been everything but quiet and slow paced. The end of year shows have meant running from one centre to another, constantly fixing technology problems and forever trying to catch my breath. Who needs the gym?!

Apart from work I've been to the gym a good few times, not as much as I would have liked but sometimes life takes over. Last night we had the end of year work do for the teachers which was brilliant. Delicious tapas in a gorgeous square with amazing company. What more could you ask for?!

I must say I'm feeling the consequences today, I have vowed to chill on the going out for a while after this morning being the third Sunday in a row that I walked home in day light. Naughty, naughty Peta.

I've spent today tidying my flat, making food for the week and watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix which I am officially addicted to. The Summer heat has brought the mosquitoes out to play but for some reason they aren't biting me this year. I think it must have something to do with the plant based diet I follow. Whatever it is I'm not complaining!

Let's have a little peek at my week in photos...

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I wrote a little blog post on my all girls class and their obsession with my (lack of) love life.


I was given these beautiful flowers for my birthday from a friend, they're so pretty!


Sometimes I tame the beast that is my hair...Saturday was one of those times...


Cheeky little pre dinner drink in town


Saturday night dinner...


When the three of us are together a selfie is obligatory...followed by a few more...





This time next week I'll be two days away from Summer holidays which is mind boggling! :) Let's see what this Summer brings...


Apricot & Almond Bites

Apricot & Almond Bites

Chocolate Orange Brownie

Chocolate Orange Brownie