Dear 34 Souls I Follow Online

Dear super souls, 

This is a letter of complete and utter gratitude. I'm writing this letter to thank you for the comfort, joy, happiness, reassurance, inspiration and figuritive kick up the arse you give me on a regular basis. We don't often share our appreciation for those we follow on the internet, I know I'm guilty of a quick double tap here and a re-tweet there - not taking the time to interact properly, to let you know that you matter, that you really help the community you have built. That the work you do matters so bloody much. 

I've decided to put together a whopping great list of those I absolutely adore on the tinterwebs. The souls who have really made an impact on my life, on the decisions I make and on how I live my everyday - whether they are aware of it or not. This is my letter to you, to each and every one of you, to thank you for all that you do, all of your work, the tears, the frustration, the insight into your life, no matter how big or small it may be. It's a thank you for influencing who I am, helping me to shape the person I'd like to become. For the giggles, the 'I can't sleep and I need to get up in four hours' entertainment. It's a cheers for not making life seem easy, for being real, honest, relatable. 

It is, from the absolute deepest depths of my soul, a thank you for being there. 

thank you


Thank you for being on the end of a message, pretty much every single day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life in Cornwall with your husband and gorgeous cat Gizmo. Thank you for sharing your braveness, your strength, your story. Thank you for creating such beautiful pieces of art. I adore everything that you do, which I'm sure you know. I love catching up with your Instagram stories and your Sunday gratitude posts. Following the launch of your independent wedding stationary business Leaf Lane Studio has filled me with so much inspiration, joy and hope. Bundles and bundles of hope that others will feel like they can take the steps you have taken to live your dream. Thank you for being you Lucy, for sharing your highs and lows, your stunning walks along Cornish footpaths. Your kindess radiates through all that you do. Thank you. 

Lucy's Blog  | Leaf Lane Studio


Thank you for your support and friendship through Instagram. Your honesty regarding your wellness journey in recovering from illness. Thank you for your brilliant Instagram lives, sharing tips and advice on distancing oneself from their phone. Thank you for sharing your life in Valencia, your mindfulness, your gratitude and your very exciting training in becoming a Life Coach. Thank you for your daily challenge in December for Christmas, I think you love Christmas almost as much as me! Which is impressive to say the least!! You inspire me more than you could ever know Rosalyn. Thank you. 

Rosalyn on Instagram


Laura, also known as Waffle or her official title for everyone I ever speak to 'My Best Friend Laura'. Laura is my go to for literally every single tiny hiccup life throws at me. Whenever I'm in Cornwall I always pencil in a whole day just for us, just to drink tea and catch up. Much of our time, I'd say probably 70% of it, is spent chatting about the online world. 10% is spent talking about food and the other 20% is spent chatting about how bloody tough life is. A few years back we both had our own magazines, we would be up well into the early hours of the morning working on putting them together ready for print. She would proof read mine, I'd proof read hers.

Laura is re-launching her wedding magazine very soon - it's a magazine for the unique bride who is looking for that something different and I am so bloody proud of her. Like bursting with proudness. Laura, thank you for motivating me, for backing me in all that I do. For being there, always. Just so you know, your biggest cheerleader is right here, screaming from the sidelines, absolutely rooting for you and knowing, completely and utterly, that Dotty Weddings is truly something special.  

Dotty Weddings.



Thank you for showing the world what courage is. For your don't mess me with mindset. For standing up to cancer and saying a ginormous fuck you. Thank you for sharing your story, your gorgeous dogs and adventures in life. Thank you for your beautiful jewelry. You are a force to be reckoned with. I can't find the words to show my gratitude to you, so from the very bottom of my heart, I am sending so much love and appreciatio your way. Thank you Em. 

Em's Blog | Oh Gosh Silver

Emma Gannon.

The Queen of The Internet. Thank you for you blog posts, your articles, your tweets. Thank you for being real, honest, truthful. Thank you for your hilarious book CTRL ALT DELETE, which quite frankly had me in tears with laughter. Thank you for your bloody epic podcast, for your gripping, meaningful, interesting interviews with voices that share thought provoking ideas. Thank you for being the supernova pushing for equal rights, equal opportunities and the realisation that many of us are multi-hypened professionals. I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ YOUR NEW BOOK! EEEE!!

Emma Gannon.

Gemma Sands.

Thank you for your beautiful calming podcast which helps individuals navigate a journey they want and love. Thank you for your knowledge on essential oils and your kindheartedness which shines through your work.

Gemma Sands.


Sam Sparrow.

Mrs.Sparrow a huge bloomin' ginormous thank you to you. I think I first came across you with your previous podcast The Unsorry Podcast which I literally devoured in about a week. I adore your new podcast which is all about travel - a subject I'm not really into at all, and yet I can't help but smile and nod along whilst listening to your interviews. You're lovely and wonderful and I'm so bloody grateful I found you on the tinterwebs because... well you just bring me a whole load of joy. THANK YOU!

As The Sparrow Flies.

Kayte Ferris.

Thank you for your lovelines which really shines through when I've heard you being interviewed on podcasts. Thank you for your blog which is an absolute treasure trove of helpfulness in the creative online world. You wrote a blog post The Power Of Not Yet last year and those words have truly stayed with me. Kayte your instagram is bloody gorgeous and I love seeing you on stories. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your story of moving to a remote part of Wales to live your dream. Your an inspiring soul and I'm so grateful for the content you create on your blog to help others. 

Simple and Season.


Oh my goodness, thank you for an abundance of inspiration. Your instagram is floorless, your photos push me to be more creative, more thoughtful more...well just more. I adore your blog which is real, down to earth and really rather helpful. I recently listened to a podcast you were interviewed on and it just gave me this huge boost. Thank you for all that you do.

All That Is She.

blossom on a blue sky

Giovanna Fletcher.

Thank you for making me, and thousands of others aware of what it's really like to be a mum. For broaching subjects on motherhood that are just not spoken about. Whilst I'm not a mum yet, I feel more prepared in knowing just a little bit of what is actually to come. If you make me feel better, safer, less scared, I can't imagine how you must make mums feel. Thank you also for your beautiful videos, your smile which is ridiculously infectious and sharing your life with the world.

Giovanna's World.

Sara Tasker.

The Official Instagram Guru. Thank you for your beautifully created photography, your openness, your complete integrity in an industry that is severey lacking in such a virtue. Your help, the community you have worked hard to build, nurture and look after. Thank you Sara for showing others that those dreams you have really can become reality with hard work, perserverance and lifting others. I am addicted to your podcast and listen intently, commiting tips and advice to memory. You wrote a post a while back entitled Observations On Having Money (from someone who never did.) and I have shared it with others so many times. You drive me to get to a point where I feel stable and secure. I suppose you're hope and proof that it's possible. Anything is possible. Thank you.

Me and Orla.


Emmie thank you for you loveliness, your consistency and passion. Thank you for sharing bloody good reads and prompting me to read more...and watch more musicals too. Thank you for your friendliness. You make me smile every time I spot a post from you, especially your 10 good things posts. Thank you for brightening my days. 

Carpe Diem Emmie.

Ebony Day & David Gibbs.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful little family, your truth and love just radiates right through the screen. You're so special and I am sure inspire so many to be better - better versions of themselves - kinder, happier, more giving. Thank you for your beautiful videos and instagram stories. You're every kind of wonderful.

Our Tiny Tribe.

Hannah Gale.

Thank you for your lists of years ago that had me and my friends quite literally wetting ourselves. Thank you for your posts which bubble up so many emotions, so many me toos. Thank you for keeping it real, sharing the good, the bad, the ugly and how tough life really bloody is. Thank you for inspiring me to keep blogging, to keep going. Thank you for re-assuring us all that those thoughts and feelings of doubt, of not being enough, that they're normal. 

Hannah Gale.


Your stories on instagram are one of my main reasons for popping on. Your pug Boris literally has my heart. Thank you for your humour, your love for others, and the giggles you give me on a daily basis. Thank you also for teaching me so much about baby loss. Whilst it's a really difficult subject to talk about, you do it so gently, so beautifully and in such a raw, honest way. Thank you Elle for sharing your story, for showing the world that no matter what happens - even if it's the very worst thing that can happen, somehow, somewhere, you will find an inner strength to keep going, to fight, to grow and to be. Thank you. 

Feathering The Empty Nest.


Hannah Witton.

Hannah thank you for talking so openly about what you have been through on your heath journey. Thank you for explaining about and showing your stoma bag, so that others - like me, can understand what it is. How it works. What it's like to live with one. Thank you for raising awareness on the subject and helping so many people who are finding life a little tricky to navigate.

Hannah Witton

Becky Cole.

Thank you for sharing your journey, you homemade remedies and gorgeous farm life. I adore seeing your garden, how well your vegetables and plants are doing. You're a breath of fresh air and hearing from you, be it on your blog, through your videos or via your newsletter always motivates me to live a slower, more mindful life. Thank you my lovely.

Becky O Cole


One of the Wonderful Wednesday crew, I adore your lovely happy posts each week, catching up with you always pops a smile on my face. Thank you for your lovely comments, for lifting my spirits and making me feel like the words I tip tap out each Wednesday have worth.

Happy Go Lucky Cat.

a garden path


I appreciate how much work you put into your incredible community, the amazing advice you give quite literally on a daily basis. Your videos are always ever so informative and I also love hearing snippets about your wedding planning. I often put your tips into practise and find myself recommending your website to those who are delving into the online world, be it first timers or experienced tech geeks.

A Branch Of Holly.


You never ever fail to pop a huge grin on my face with your Instagram - especially your gorgeous pooches and fabulous yoga poses. Thank you for keeping it real, thank you for your brilliant humour and all round loveliness.

Life Outside London.


Oh my goooooooooodness, Sally I am so bloody grateful for you. Years and years ago you started Wonderful Wednesday a mid-week gratitude post counting up the wonderful from the week so far. You welcomed others to join in and those posts make me smile so much every single week, they are such a treat! You make such a huge impact on people's lifes and I don't think you quite realise just how much. Thank you for your beautiful, gentle whimsical instagram stories and your blog. You have a way with words, particularly when describing food like no other. Thank you for bringing rays of fuzzy, warm sunshine into my life every single week. Thank you for being you.

Sally Tangle.

pink cherry blossom


Lovely Jane, thank you for your beautiful photos of life in Portugal, for sharing stunning shots of your cat Willow and the most hilarious snippets of things Harper says on twitter. I adore you ever so much, thank you for your support and warmth, you're a very special soul.

Regular Jane.

Jess Lively.

Thursday afternoons are my Jess Lively afternoon, it's when I listen to your podcast and soak up allll the goodness. Thank you for awakening my soul, opening my mind and really getting me to think about my thoughts and actions. Thank you for teaching me the power of alignment. I appreciate how you word theories and practises in such a way that they just flow into my conciousness and are not only understood, but immediately known and related to. Thank you for sharing your light, your positivity, love and kindness in this world.

Jess Lively.

Helen Redfern.

Oh Helen, thank you ever so much for your beautiful instagram stories, your wonderful photos and eloquently written blog posts. Thank you for sharing your chickens who genuinely make me smile every time I see them - what is it about chickens?! Thank you for being different, standing out from the crown and being unique - you inspire others, like me for example, to stand alone, proud and happy with the content they are creating. 

A Bookish Baker.

North Left.

Your messages of support and love, your comments on posts and your gentle, kind nature have really brought a soft happy glow to the work I do on my Pe-ta. Thank you ever so much for sharing my posts it truly does mean the world. I really enjoy reading your blog and following your travels. You're a huge inspiration my dear, thank you. 

The North Left.

Hannah Morris.

Hannah I think I discovered you first on youtube with your incredibly touching videos. I love your short films which document your life, your photography of climbing and the adventures you go on. I adore your van stories and just how mellow and kindhearted you are. Thank you for your moving content which pushes me to capture the golden, quiet, whimsical moments in life. 

Hannah Morris.

bee on cherry blossom

Jen Carrington.

Jen, thank you. Thank you for your podcast which I listen to pretty much every day - on repeat, obvs. Thank you for truly being a driving force for my own creative journey. Thank you for your tips and advice online on living your best creative life. Thank you for being down to earth, understanding, lovely and so gentle with your guidance. You make me feel quietly empowered, able to take on anything and become the human I know I can be. Thank you really isn't enough, but thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope one day I will be able to work with you on a one to one basis to show my complete and utter gratitude for all that you do.

Jen Carrington.


Katy thank you for your infectious smile and wonderfulness. Thank you for your go get 'em attitude, your bright, beautiful, bold, colourful photos and delightful recipes. Just spotting something from you puts a huge grin on my face, thank you for sparking happiness in my day.

Little Miss Katy. 

Sophie Cliff.

Thank you Sophie, from my very core. Your blog has gotten me through some really tough days. Sitting down to have a read is like snuggling up in a warm, fluffy blanket. Your words are so comforting, your photography ever so beautiful. Thank you for your gorgeous weekly favourites posts, hitting the nail on the head with current topics and writing so many relatable, head nodding, me too pieces. Thank you ever so much Sophie. 

Sophie Cliff.


Thank you Natalie for your posts which are short and snappy and to the point. You always make me stop and think, mull of topics and I love seeing what you're up to on Instagram. Thank you for your honesty and all round fabulous-ness. Thank you for what you do, you're truly appreciated. 

Natalie Leanne.

Nourish By Rebecca.

Thank you so much for your delightful recipes and yummy photos, you really give me a kick up the bum on days where all I feel like making is rice. (Which, I'm not going to lie is rather often - I do have a serious love affair with rice.) I love what you're doing, the business you have created and how awesome and wonderful you are online. Thank you for always making my day a little brighter whenever I spot you on instagram. 

Nourish By Rebecca.

Bear Hugs. 

Thank you for creating a place where, no matter how far away someone is from their friends and family, they can still send a great big bear hug. Faye your kindness and abundance of love absolutely pours through the screen with Bear Hugs. It is such a fantastic concept and you deserve so much success. Thank you for enabling me to be there for my friends when they needed a little pick me up. 

Bear Hugs.

Pause mug on steps

Emily Coxhead.

Emily, thank you ever so much for your refreshing happy wonderful giddy fuzz loveliness! You truly make so so so many people smile every single day. Your Happy Newspaper is one of the greatest, most vauluable things ever created. Thank you for your Instagram Stories that always make me giggle and your bright, eye catching photos in my feed. Thank you for spreading so much joy and happiness in this world. 

The Happy Newspaper.

Cider With Rosie. 

Your gentle, friendly and gracious writing always makes me feel like everything is okay. I love the way you create sponsored content and your photography is ever so beautiful. Thank you for sharing the snippers of your life, thank you for your warmth. Thank you for being you. 

Cider With Rose.

Phew! What a list! I hope, if you're reading this you have found some new people to follow.

Sending lots of love, happiness and cat cuddles your way.


Peta & The Bears,