We Made It

We Made It

We made it. I don't know how, but we did. Every tiny part of me didn't want to drag my exhausted, sleep deprived self into work this morning to finish off the craziest three weeks I've had in a long time. I plastered a smile on my makeup-less face as I walked into work. The choice between breakfast and make up this morning was a no brainer when time was of the essence. We set upon the final four theatre performances of over seventy shows this term. With each round of applause we clapped and whooped a little bit louder knowing we were nearly there.

It has been insane but it's also been so worth it. The look of pride on the parents' faces as they watch their child perform is priceless. The sparkle in the little one's eyes as they take their final bow makes your heart explode. I cried countless times, clapped my hands whilst letting out little "EEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!"'s and ended every single performance with the words "you were fantastic!!"

Our tradition is to take a photo when all of the shows are over... here's this term's photo. Two very exhausted clowns far too tired to celebrate, although we managed to fit a cheeky little lunch time drink in before heading home today.

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