38,000 feet again.

I'm nestled into seat 1A on an easy jet flight heading back to the UK. I have my mum next to me and my sister next to her. The flights booked hastily, hands shaking and emotions running high late last night. Life has a funny way of knocking you sideways when you least expect it, with the least expecting news. The past 18 hours have felt like a hazy nightmare, sadly a pinch on the arm isn't going to wake us up this time.

I was brought up to put family before anything else, it will always be my priority and when faced with a family emergency, even living in a different country, we do all that we can to support each other and be together.

Last night couldn't have been any more different to the previous night. On Good Friday I had friends over for dinner, we played games, drank copious amounts of alcohol, snapped far too many selfies and shared many an embarrassing story. Saturday morning saw everyone waking up hungover and with a little furry friend purring at their side. My cat's don't quite understand the meaning of personal space, nor would they respect it even if they did.

Today, sat 38,000 feet in the air (the pilot just announced this and I thought it sounded like a cool fact.) Memories of being with those I love, friends, family and cuddly feline friends mean more to me than anything else.

Life is short, anything can happen at any given time and it is so easy to take our health, relationships, current life circumstances and our normal daily routine for granted. Unfortunately it takes tough times for us recognise this.

Here's a little note that I hope you read back to yourself whenever you take life for granted. Love without condition, do everything you have ever wanted to do. Be unapologetically, uniquely yourself, collect memories not things and appreciate every tiny little thing in life. You've got one chance, make it a good one.