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Wonderful Wednesday 47 Of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 47 Of 2018

Hello my lovelies, Merry Wonderful Wednesday! Goodness me, I’m racing against the clock to get today’s post up as it’s nearly 10pm! I usually write these mid-week lists of happiness on a Tuesday evening, which is what I did last night, and just as I was writing the intro we had a blackout! We went to bed early, by we I mean myself and the cats, and had a good old snooze! Let’s get on with the wonderful shall we?


Tina Bear.
My little munchkin has been an absolute little star over the past few weeks. She has been so patient and understanding which is really very unusual in a cat that is recovering. She has allowed me to clean and put cream on her cut every single day, trusting me so much so that she has happily rolled right onto her back and stretched her back legs out as I did. Yesterday the cone of shame was taken off and over 20 stitches removed. Tina’s vet was over the moon with how well she is healing. The test results have come back - it’s the very best outcome we could have hoped for, they managed to removed all of the cancerous cells and the cancer hasn’t spread elsewhere. Whilst they can’t guarantee it won’t return, they also can’t say it will. We have to keep checking Tina for lumps from now on, her ve was incredible optimistic. This truly is the best Christmas present we could have received.


Christmas has arrived in the cat lady household!
Goodness me, a little delayed by 12 days! I usually have the tree up first thing in the morning on the 1st of December but with Tina so poorly and recovering, I couldn’t trust Arthur Cat and Albert Cat with the tree up. They enjoy climbing and knocking it over, over and over again. It has been up for about two hours now and is somehow still upright. Could this be the year they aren’t fussed?! I highly doubt it, but right now my higgledy piggledy tree is gleaming with festive joy. I love unwrapping all my decorations, many of them handmade, some gifts from friends or family, ribbon from previous christmas presents and quite a few are repurposed vintage jewelry.


Christmas Wishes.
I’ve spent a lot of time creating little Christmas Wish decorations for the children at work this week. I requested the use of the tree in the theatre to be a Christmas Wish tree, there are so many beautiful, thoughtful wishes hanging from the branches already. The children enjoy making their wish so much and seeing them whisper it to the tree with the eyes closed makes me really rather emotional!

Chocolate Orange Biscuits.
I’ve made a big batch to take into work tomorrow, these chocolate orange biscuits are my new favourite sweet treat - my favourite flavour combo plus they only take 7 mins to bake AND they’re school friendly: nut free!


What’s your good thing?
Each day I’m in charge of getting about 30 children onto the school bus, it’s quite the lively affair at the end of the school day so I ask each one to tell me something good about their day. Many of them will often see me during the day around school and run up to me, exclaiming they have already got their good thing to tell me. Bless their little hearts! Today one said to me “You’re my good thing today Miss.Coote! You made me smile!” I don’t know how much more of this emotional stuff I can take!

Christmas Cards.
Aren’t they just such a sweet, wonderful thoughtful thing to get in the post? I have a few of mine hanging up on the wall on a piece of ribbon already.

GIF Game.
I am a GIF addict, I can’t help it. Thank goodness I’ve found my GIF partner in crime, the one and only Lucy. Her GIFs this week have had me in hysterics.

That’s my wonderful for this week my loves, I hope you’re having a really lovely week, sending lots of love your way and please do check out the other WW-ers: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's 

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