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A 4am Emergency - Being a cat mum isn't always easy

A 4am Emergency - Being a cat mum isn't always easy


One of the reasons I love blogging is because I feel like I'm chatting to a friend. I can pop all of my worries down in a post and get a little clarity in my mind. It's 6am, and well you're the only person I can really chat to about this right now as I don't want to wake anyone up by calling or messaging them. At 4 o'clock this morning I rushed Arthur Cat to the emergency vets. He came in at midnight walking a little oddly and meowing. Although this isn't all too unusual for Arthur, he's a waddler and a bit of a nutcase at the best of times, I instantly had this gut feeling that something was up.

He kept trying to go to the toilet in the litter tray (he never uses the litter tray, he's an exclusively outdoors toilet kinda dude) and I put it down to constipation. I gave him tuna in olive oil as olive oil acts as a laxative for cats and also pumpkin with minced meat as pumpkin does wonders for a cat with a funny tummy.

After a few sleepless hours it was clear he wasn't happy, his meows were becoming more painful and I was doing everything I could to comfort him. I cuddled him and tried to give him water. I popped the tap on and placed him next to it as he loves watching running water and sat him on his favourite chair. Every five minutes he was running to the litter tray where nothing happened.

At 4 am, he became very restless and was crying in pain. I bundled him into the carry case, not wanting to wait a moment longer. There is one emergency night vet in my town so I headed straight there. I rang the bell urgently and the on call vet was very lovely.

She examined Arth and found that his bladder was full and very hard, he would need surgery to remove an obstruction and then a thorough clean out. She told me that it  was the riskiest at that moment as his bladder could burst at any time. I held him tightly to my chest and told her to do whatever she had to do.

In my head all I could think was "please be okay, please let him be okay, please please please." Who was I talking to? I really don't know, but whoever it was I was desperate for them to listen and would do anything to make sure he was okay.

Arthur is the baby of the group, he is my baby and I treat him like he's still a kitten. He is spoilt rotten and gets away with far too much. He spends his day annoying the other cats, I spend my day making up excuses as to why he does it. "He just can't help his little self" I say literally every single day - numerous times! 

There's nothing quite like the love of a pet, they are family members and when something happens it makes the heart ache and all you can do is wish with all your heart that you could make it better. I desperately wanted to take the pain away or swap places. I'm sure that sounds ever so silly, especially if you don't have pets.

As I was typing this the vet just called to say the operation went well. They have managed to remove the obstruction. There are crystals in his bladder and a lot of blood in his urine. It may have been caused by an infection or possibly something else, but they'll treat him for an infection just in case.  He'll have to stay there for at least 24 hours, on a drip with something cleaning his bladder out and he may need further surgery later on today.

It's looking really positive, although I'm still a bag of nerves. The vet told me I can go into visit him later if I want and call as many times as needed throughout the day for updates which is really kind. He will need to be on a special diet for the rest of his life if we want to give him the best chance of this not happening again. I can't help but think, once again it comes down to diet.

We can prevent and cure so much with what we eat and what our pets eat. So, this is definitely the push I needed to switch the babies to completely all natural cat food, as we've been doing half and half for the past few months.

If you could send healthy, good vibes to Arth I'd really appreciate it - I'm a big believer in positivity and happy vibes. Thank you for reading this, and being there, I'll keep you updated.

If you have pets, and you get an inkling that something isn't quite right, go with your gut feeling because that is right every single time, and get them checked out. If I'd have waited a few more hours until this morning, it could have been a very different situation.

Love from,

Peta x


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