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4th November 2016 | Positive Friday

4th November 2016 | Positive Friday


Happy Friday loves!! Oh Friday you beautiful wonderful thing you! My day is going to be super jam packed, however I'm keeping that 7pm running out of the doors at work goal in mind. Here's a little selection of internet stumbles I've really loved this week.

I'd love to know what you're favourites are so please do leave a comment below so that I can have a nosey!


B L O G S :

Me and Orla - An Autumn To Do List


I love this list which was compiled of wonderful ideas from the Instagram community. Sara of Me and Orla is also running an instagram e-course retreat. 

Jen Carrington's Post on investing in yourself for your creative career really got me thinking. 


Ella off of Deliciously Ella's post My Thoughts On Social Media


It's so easy to think that what people share on social media is completely 100% their full, honest life. But guess what? Nine times out of ten it isn't, it's just a very small part of it.


Hannah Gale's 36 Amazing Things Our Generation Was The Last To Experience


HG is back and my what a good post to come back on! You'll get all the nostalgia feels with this post.

T W I T T E R :

Suzy is just such a lovely lovely soul who's tweets always brighten my day! :)


I N S T A G R A M :

Natalie Louisa is another really kind and lovely soul. I love her instagram because I find it very relatable. It's a lovely collection of all the things I love.


Y O U T U B E :

Tom Fletcher's Wedding Speech. I know we're all seen it before, (I may have seen it at least ten times.) but it's just so lovely and makes me cry every single time! Also if you're in the market for an emotional mess crying sesh then definitely check out the Bump to Buzz and Player 2.

The Story Of The Christmas Jumper

The Story Of The Christmas Jumper

A Little Drawing That Means So Much

A Little Drawing That Means So Much