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Wonderful Wednesday 7 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 7 of 2019

Happy Wonderful Wednesday my loves, I’m feeling a little like Katie Cat in this photo today and will most definitely be face planting right into the comfort of my bed after tip tapping this post of loveliness out. I am still very much ridden with cold and virus and goodness knows what, but I’m diligently following doctors orders or rest rest rest and my own prescription of allllll the cat cuddles. With that winning combination I am confident I’ll be back to my usual self in no time. Let’s hop, skip and jump into the wonderful shall we? (In my case I shall be shuffling, sneezing and coughing my way wrapped in a fluffy blanket wearing Cat Dad’s jimjams and hoodies because that is how I roll.)


Pretty Nails.
One thing I tend to do when I’m feeling under the weather, and pretty much only when I’m feeling under the weather or it’s a special occasion, is paint my nails. I get very restless and find it incredibly difficult to sit still and not touch anything with freshly painted nails for a while. A dip in energy levels teamed with being bed ridden are the perfect ingredients for a home manicure. I love having pretty nails and I must say they’ve cheered me up no end. It’s the little things isn’t it!

Little Love Rituals.
Chloe Plumstead wrote a post on love rituals she has with her other half which got me thinking of the love rituals that go on in this household. Little tiny acts of love which no-one else really knows about but make life a little lovelier. Cat Dad left a mug of lemon and honey on the kitchen side for me this morning, all I had to do was flick the switch of the kettle, he had already popped some water in there for me and wait a minute or two for relieving sweet yumminess to fill my tummy and soothe my soul. On weekday mornings Cat Dad feeds the four little munchkins whilst I shower, he makes me a cup of tea which I enjoy whilst getting ready for work. Whilst he showers and gets ready I make us breakfast and sort our lunches for the day. I wash up and clean the bathroom and kitchen before we head off to work, he sorts the cat water bowls (we have five…I know five water bowls is way too many but I constantly worry about Arthur Cat not drinking enough) and litter trays. I get home before him, I do a spot of cleaning and get dinner going. Cat Dad washes up after dinner and makes me a cup of sleep tea. We’ve fallen into this routine so seamlessly. These little love rituals make life pinch sweeter, a smidgen brighter and never fail to pop a smile on my face.


My Safe Place.
Goodness me I’m so very grateful for this cocoon of cosy safeness. I’m well aware that so many people don’t have a place to hibernate and rest, to recharge and snuggle down below blankets and duvets and soft fleecy dressing gowns. To listen to podcasts, to listen to silence and the world’s noise bustling and tweeting, zooming and honking outside of these four protective walls. To mindlessly watch Netflix and try to read a book, to scroll through Instagram and doze off for a few hours with fresh air bellowing through the open windows, open to circulate the air but also so that I don’t have to keep getting up to let the fur babies in and out. I’m so thankful for this safe place.

We've been watching New Amsterdam on Amazon Prime each evening and my goodness it’s intense and dramatic and funny and bloody amazing. I highly recommend if you like Grey Anatomy, Scrubs or any hospital based tv show to be honest. Cat Dad asked me what I did yesterday and when I said I watched some telly his head spun to look at me so quickly, with hurt and pain in his eyes he whispered “Not New Amsterdam??”. I patted him on the arm, no I had not cheated on him with New Amsterdam. It’s funny how hurt we can feel if we think someone has watched more episodes of a show we’re watching together, isn’t it? I’m exactly the same!

I had been watching Derry Girls - finished it in a day! It really made me giggle and it’s wonderful, I’d say you’d enjoy it if you like Sex Education and The In-betweeners. I also caught up on The Good Place which is just brilliant and I love that episodes are only 20 minutes long and, of course, more Modern Family because I do love a spot of carefree wonderfulness.


Home Safe & Sound.
As we were driving along the lane, home from a walk by the sea on Saturday, I rested my head back on the chair in the passenger seat. My temples were throbbing and I was really feeling pretty unwell. I opened my eyes slightly only to spot Arthur Cat sat at the top of a 40ft telegraph pole. As you can imagine I was rather hysterical. This is the cat we have feliway plugins plugged in 24/7 to keep him calm. This is the cat that the vet said can in no way ever get stressed. This is the cat that I won’t even move the sofa around for incase he gets upset about it. This is the cat we spend a fortune on every month for special food to make sure he stays as healthy as can be. Yep, he was stuck up a bloody telegraph pole.

After much discussion, we decided calling the fire brigade would only stress him out immensely and could end in him jumping out of fright. He really isn’t the brightest spark at the best of times. So we waited it out. We waited and waited and waited. I went in to get the washing in. Cat Dad stayed with Arthur, we then decided that maybe walking home and calling him from there might encourage him to come down. It didn’t. So I went to put the kettle on, because any kind of emergency requires tea, and poked my head out of the door only to see he was no longer up the pole. I ran as fast as my little legs could take me. He was no where to be found. I started to really panic that he’d jumped and hurt himself and had dragged himself somewhere. My mind tends to go to the worst case scenario when it comes to the fur babies. We looked and looked and looked, searching all of the hedges and bushes. After quite a while Cat Dad spotted him, he was deep in a bush but wouldn’t come out for us. We sat in the mud, trying our best to gently coax him out, worried that he was hurt, when Albert Cat and Katie Cat came tottering along the lane. As soon as Arthur saw them he carefully tiptoed out of the bush trembling and walked home with them both. I cried because goodness me isn’t that just adorable and heart breaking and I thought my heart could burst. Then once we were home, he let me pick him up and check him all over then squeeze him tight. We kept a very close eye on him for the following 24 hours, Arthur has an illness which causes his urinary tract to become blocked when stressed which is very dangerous. I was speaking to my neighbour about Arthur getting stuck up the pole, when he said “oh yes! I saw a cat up the other pole next to that one at the beginning of the week!” and I can't help but worry that my ginger baby with stress issues, has a new found thrill seeking hobby. I’ve come to the conclusion that as a Cat Mum, all I can really do is accept and support his new found love of heights whilst ordering a few more feliway plugins, obviously.

Extra Soft Aloe Vera Lotion Tissues.
Now I know I keeping going on about being ill. I am fed up of me talking about it so goodness knows how you feel about hearing it. However, I need to share these with you because they are everything right now. Posh tissues. I am known for being the “posh one” in my family. I don’t really know how I’ve gotten this title, it annoys me at the best of times because I am far from posh, I’m going off on a tangent here. I digress. So, Posh Tissues. I always always always buy the softest tissues available in the shop. I just think they make everything a little nice and goodness me these tissues make the red raw painfulness of a cold become a thing of the past. According to the packet they are covered in an aloe vera lotion, I don’t know how this works, if I’m honest I’ve given little thought to how they make this happen, all I know is that they are extra extra extra soft and smell like wonderfulness. They make my nose less sore and that is all. If you live in Spain or are visiting, you may have noticed a serious lack on the tissue front. Head to the supermarket Mercadona and look for the big packets of little packets of tissues. They're the yellow ones which are 4 layers with aloe vera lotion. Tell them Cat Mum sent you ;) .

(Don’t tell them Cat Mum sent you, they’ll think you’ve lost the plot.)

When I was 21 I moved back to the UK for 9 months, I fell in love with Zoflora. I then returned to Barcelona and low and behold, Zoflora did not exist in Spain. I didn’t know what cleaning life was like without it. Mrs.Hinch made everything worse recently with her Instagram Stories, I’d more or less forgotten about Zoflora, why couldn’t I just get my little hands on a bottle of this precious cleaning liquid?!?!?!. WHYYYYY?!?!?!. On Saturday we popped into the British Supermarket a few towns on, and there in the corner, shining brightly whilst a choir sang “ahhhhhhhh” in my head, was Zoflora. I can’t smell much due to my blocked nose, did I mention I’m ill at the moment? However, I can smell Lavender Zoflora and it’s making this household a home. (Too much? Maybe, but I’m in a dramatic mood due to little contact with the outside world as of late.)

Kat’s Monthly Mindscapes.
These fictional monthly short stories written by Kat bring me so much comfort. When I spot she has a new one out, I stick the kettle on and settle in for a read. I always find myself wishing the story went on, wishing there was more to read. You can read Kat’s latest one here.

That’s all of my wonderful for this week my dears, I apologise for the rambling and well done if you got this far! For more wonderful please take a look at the other Wonderful Wednesday writers here: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's

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