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Wonderful Wednesday 8 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 8 of 2019

Happy Wonderful Wednesday my loves, I hope you’re ready to get stuck into the little moments of wonderful of my week so far, moreover I hope this sparks your mind into thinking about the lovely joyful moments you have experienced this week. I think we could all do with carving out a small amount of time to think about those things, the more we recognise the wonderful moments, the more we have. Let’s jump right in then!


Unsurprising I know, but what I did find surprising was my doctor prescribing me tea. When I went to see her on Monday she told me to carry on with the medicine she had previously prescribed but to also drink lots of tea. I smiled when she said this and I think she thought I was laughing at the idea. “I’m very serious about the tea Peta.” “I’m very serious about tea too doctor” I replied. I have tried to double my tea intake but there wasn’t enough time in the day, so I’m just having as many cups as I can. I’m very much enjoying a concoction the doctor recommended of lemon juice, honey, thyme and hot water. It’s soothing and apparently helps with any inflammation which is always a bonus.

Telly Talk.
Do you listen to The Fringe Of It podcast? If not, you totally should, especially if you regularly read my rambles, because they talk about very similar things. One of my favourite sections (do you say section on a podcast?!) is Telly Talk. Liv and Charlotte talk about what they’ve been watching lately and goodness me it fuels my viewing time rather nicely! Anywho, due to still being stuck under blankets, I’ve been watching all of the telly. The second series of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was bloody fantastic, it’s on Amazon Prime, luckily Cat Dad still has UK Amazon Prime due to paying for a year in one go, so I’m devouring things on there right now. I also very much enjoyed Call The Midwife 2016 Christmas Special on Cat Dad’s Netflix - for some reason it hasn’t recognised he’s in Spain which means I’m catching up with lots of things which aren’t on the Spanish Netflix. Hello re-watching Gavin & Stacey and Outnumbered. Bloody classics in my opinion. Fellow Cat Mum Lucy off of fromlucywithlove.co.uk recommended the film How To Be Single on Netflix which made me giggle so much I had quite a few coughing fits throughout the film and Love, Rosie which was beautiful and wonderful and just yes.

Feel Good Food.
As you know I’m all about feel good food and eating only what makes you feel really really good, whatever that may be. We’ve been switching things up recently with dinner, trying to cook things we wouldn’t usually have. I really enjoyed this dish of pan fried salmon with sautéed potatoes and asparagus that Cat Dad made at the weekend. It tasted really fresh and summery which is exactly what I needed!


Be my debobbling Valentine?
We don’t celebrate valentines in a big way, we get each other a card and write a nice little message in it. I like that. I’m not a fan of buying things for the sake of buying things. But this year we treated ourselves, oh yes my friends, we really went all out and purchased a debobbler! It arrived on Valentines day - could our timing be any better?! I’m so so so impressed with it, we had a really bobbly bed sheet which was driving me mad. I thought it may help a little but goodness me, it totally debobbled it! Not a bobble in sight! We got this one from Amazon and paid £10 at the time - this is an affiliate link, find out more about affiliate links here. To see the debobbler without following the link just type in Philips GC026 Debobbler into Amazon.

Fresh Air.
Every morning I open all of the windows to let fresh air in, I wrap up super warm, i’m desperately trying to rid this house of flu and there’s nothing quite like fresh air gentle brushing past the curtains.


Instagram Fun.
For the past few weeks I’ve been documenting Cat Dad’s journey into becoming a Bicycle Dad on Instagram stories. Mainly for the banter - our whole relationship was built on banter and laughing at each other throughout our teens, when we were just friends. So it’s something which we haven’t shaken off. In fact, very little has changed between being best friends and being in a relationship, even nearly 3 years down the line. If you’d like to read the very funny, very embarrassing story of how we got together you can find it here. Anyway, I digress! Can you tell I haven’t spoken to many humans for a while? Cat Dad FINALLY got a bike after 4 months of serious consideration, research, going to SEE bikes, and at least a year of talking about it! I had quite a few people messaging on Instagram asking if it was really true and the whole thing did make me giggle quite a lot! It’s the little things isn’t it ;). I’m now trying to get Cat Dad to start an Instagram account called CatDad or CatDadOf4 because that’s the kind of fabulous Cat Mum I am.

Pretty and Pink.
My Orchid is still going strong and I absolutely adore her, I love how she’s brightening up the dining room. Olivia, you are a delightful addition to the fam.

That’s my wonderful for today my loves, I'm afraid it’s really rather boring but I haven’t moved all too much! I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday.


Peta & The Cats xx

If you knew me in real life.

If you knew me in real life.

Wonderful Wednesday 7 of 2019

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