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Wonderful Wednesday 9 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 9 of 2019

Hello my loves, it’s only Wednesday again and goodness me look at that sunrise I captured yesterday! What a GLORIOUS sight for the eyes! I’m back with a list of wonderfulness to warm the soul, remind myself of all of the little lovely things and possibly, hopefully, maybe, encourage you to do the same. Let’s get on with the wonderful!


Beach Walks.
I’ve come to the conclusion that any day starting with a beach walk turns into a bloomin’ great day. I missed my walks whilst ill and I’ve really enjoyed gently walking along the seafront each morning this week again. Sea air does miraculous things for the mind and body I swear.

Thermos of Tea.
As you know, there is nothing quite so soothing for me as a cup of tea. But a cup of tea by the sea? Goodness me, that has the ability to heal all manner of things! Yesterday I had to collect medication we ordered up from the pharmacy for Tina when it opened at 9:30. Instead of going home, after I dropped Cat Dad off at the station I drove to the beach. I wandered for a good half an hour, sat down and enjoyed my cup of tea. Then I meandered into town to the bank and stopped in a cafe for another cup of tea. I so rarely take myself out on my own, it never really occurs to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed editing a video I popped on the gram and people watching for a little while.


Cat Dad Goodbyes and Hellos
When I drop Cat Dad off at the station in the morning and when he arrives back in the evening and I pick him up, he waves manically with one hand, sometimes two with a huge smile on his face. It always makes me giggle and I always do a jazz hand wave back. Quite a few commuters stare at us which makes it all the more fun.

Bird Song.
I posted this video yesterday on Instagram which I mentioned in my previous point, instead of adding music I left the birdsong of the garden to set the tone. Hearing their chirps and calls immediately releases a weight off my shoulders.


The Cone Of Fame Not Shame.
Poor Tina Bear has to wear a cone again for at least a month. We’ve searched high and low for something more comfortable than the plastic cones the vets have. Nothing seemed to be what we were looking for. It needed to be scratch proof, so the inflatable ones were out of the question, very light and bendy and mould to her face when she lies down but still restrict her from touching her eye. In the end, after hours of online searching I decided I’d try to make one for her.

Here is Tina’s Cone Of Fame, in leopard print of course, she’s looking and feeling fabulous and slept all night long last night. She’s able to get into the little hiding spots she has around the house now and is very happy that she can easily head butt our faces again. I will definitely be making more of these to have on hand as we seem to encounter the cone of shame quite often with four cats!

We all know I love a good nacho. Usually I just decant them into a bowl and enjoy with a salsa dip and guacamole. But this week I went all out, I spread them evenly on a tray, added chopped pepper and cherry tomatoes and some salsa with a good helping of dairy free cheese. I popped them in the oven for 10 minutes and holy guacamole, they were out of this world. The guacamole I made with extra lemon juice was also holy. ;)

Feeling like myself again.
Gosh it’s been a really long time since I’ve felt properly like myself. I’d been feeling under the weather since November and spent every evening asleep and all my weekends in bed, it just seemed to be virus after virus. It all added up and in the end I had pneumonia. It forced me to take two and a half weeks off work, to slow down almost to a halt, hibernate and take care of myself. I’m now feeling more me and more energetic than I have done in months! I also spoke to the doctor in regards to my skin and acne specifically, it’s been absolutely awful throughout that time, painful to touch, red raw and itchy. After researching a lot and keeping a food journal, I found that it wasn’t just gluten and yeast causing reactions, fruit started to do the same too, which indicated something more than an intolerance to gluten. I read up about yeast infections in the gut and my doctor said I could definitely be onto something. She has recommended two months of probiotics for now and to slowly introduce gluten back into my diet, so we’ll see how we get on! I’ll keep you updated.

Tea with Adam.
On Monday my lovely friend Adam came to visit, or Alan as I like to call him. It was so lovely to see and talk to someone in person from the outside world!! He tested out my hoovers, of course, and we discovered that rice milk works quite nicely in tea.

Mary Poppins.
When I messaged the school to say I’d be returning to work on Thursday they were thrilled, I immediately received messages of “get your costume sorted for Friday! You’re our Mary Poppins!” It’s Carnival week this week and I’m very excited that I’ll be back in time to dress up, I’ve dug into my big box of vintage clothing and I’ve got an outfit that kind of works…I think… it’s a vintage wedding dress with frills, think Mary Poppins singing Supercalifradulisticexpialidocious. I’ll make it work!

Being well enough to go and watch the huge Carnaval Parade on Sunday evening has been my goal. Cat Dad has never seen it and it is absolutely one of my favourite things to watch. The atmosphere is insane, over 250,000 people go to watch the parade and everyone dresses up. Now I can’t really go as Mary Poppins, I’d be too cold as the Parade doesn’t start until around 11pm, I’m also very reluctant to get the dress destroyed by the mess that the whole evening brings. I was thinking along the lines of CRAZY CAT LADY. I feel I am skilled and well experienced enough to pull this off, I can also layer up A LOT. Thoughts?

That’s all my wonderful for today my loves, I’m off to FaceTime one of my favourite humans Lucy from the blog FromLucyWithLove. I hope you have a lovely rest of your week.

Lots of love and cat cuddles,

Peta & The Bears x

Dairy Free Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Dairy Free Mac ‘n’ Cheese

If you knew me in real life.

If you knew me in real life.