A Beautiful Start To May

It's May it's May it's May! I am so ready for May, it's one of my favourite months. I find it to be such a cheerful and lovely month full of hope and a hint of the Summer that is yet to come. I've had a very run of the mill work week followed by the loveliest, slow paced, chilled weekend pottering around the house and ticking things off my to do list. I finally managed to replace three light bulbs that I have been meaning to change for the past three weeks. Ahem...yep, I've pretty much been sat in darkness every night. I cleaned the windows, something I do as much as I clean my car - twice a year if that, and gave the flat a good old tidy up.

Today I woke up at 10, which is so late for me! I tiptoed into the kitchen, fed the cats popped the kettle on and made breakfast. Which I then took back to bed with me, I don't remember the last time I ate breakfast in bed, it was just so lovely. I then spent the next few hours lazing around chatting on twitter and reading through my favourite blogs, it was truly bliss.

Let's take a look at my week in photos...

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I made this very yummy Orange Burst Smoothie


I wrote this little Positive Friday post that will give you all the positive feels

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I made a delicious sweet potato and lentil curry for my family on Saturday

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On Friday I tried to make a new pancake recipe which just didn't work out however it did turn into a really yummy breakfast bake.

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A little throw back to 3 years ago when this photograph was taken for V&OAK magazine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cardigan which I've worn a few times this week. It used to be my mum's back in the eighties, I may have possibly borrowed it forever.

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Plaza De La Vila in my town, it's one of my fave people watching spots.

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Hello breakfast in bed, you made my Sunday.

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My little dude is getting so big, can I really keep calling him a kitten at 11 months old?


The perfect end to a laid back weekend, a wander along the beach with my sister. <3

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