A cat named Albert

I didn't post a weekly roundup last Sunday, not only did it seem impossible as I sat on my grandparent's living room floor taking in all of the information they threw at me, I really didn't feel like rounding up a week that until Saturday had been so much fun. I think I struggled a little because of that. I'd had a week of going on adventures every day, spending time with friends and creating wonderful memories and Saturday afternoon arrived and kind of knocked me for six. I can't remember Saturday evening that well, I remember packing in a complete daze at 2 am, placing whatever my finger tips touched first into my little suitcase thrown haphazardly on the bed. I remember going up to my mums and checking that they were as ok as the circumstances permitted. I remember speaking to two friends on the phone completely shocked. I remember asking my dad to take care of my cats, giving him strict instructions on what they needed and specifically not to feed the ginger cat who looks very similar to Arthur that is hanging around at the moment. (My dad has never been one for following instructions, there's now a ginger cat called Albert who can't quite understand why the tall English man that kept leaving him food outside my front door has disappeared.)

So after a week of adventures and fun life came crashing down around me and I would have struggled to stay strong if it weren't for two very special people, whom the title best friend just does not do justice. They were there in every sense, they listened to my mumblings, helped me to organise travel arrangements, picked us up and dropped us off when needed and even lent me a car so that I could ferry family members to and from the hospital. (I named the car Betty, we created a bond like no other, I miss her very warm seats, power steering and funky hill start thingy. I need to get a grip on this whole liking really nice cars thing...)

Anyway, When things got just a little too much, I headed to one of their houses, kicked my shoes off, curled up on the sofa and I was able to be me. To chat random nonsense that had nothing to do with the weeks events, drinking yet more tea and cuddling pets like my life depended on it. These very special people made me giggle when I genuinely thought it wasn't possible. Without them my life would be so very different. They mean more to me than they could ever imagine and I am so grateful to have them in my life.

I'm rambling now, I know I am...

Let's have a look at a few photos from the past two weeks before I get too emotional shall we?


Good Friday drinks led to plenty of selfies...

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My hometown <3

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A very grainy selfie with one of my most favourite people in the world.


This little dude is a little ray of sunshine that couldn't keep still even for a second.

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Airport time...

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Time to go home :(

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This morning's breakfast <3

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A little wander around my garden...

May the coming week be boring, quiet and full of good health, love, laughter and yummy food.