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A Clean Slate

A Clean Slate

*Pre post reading advice: put the kettle on and make a cup of tea because my goodness is it a big read.* I got a touch of blogger's block today, I got myself all ready, sat at my desk this morning, expecting to quickly whack out today's post and proceeded to stare at the screen. I did a spot of procrastinating, washed the dishes, tried to fix the poorly laptop for the fourth day running (he has now gone to laptop hospital, hopefully they'll be able to fix Leodard the Lenovo Laptop) and ate two lunches.

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I've done pretty much everything else on my to do list for today, apart from a workout... I'll get round to it, I will I will I will. But now there's nothing left to do but write this post. Even the cats have go AWOL, favouring lying in a cool shady hedge to being harassed, lovingly stroked, by their cat mama.

If you're new to 24 Hours In Today, I challenged myself to blog every day for a year, we are currently 132 days in. (Not that I'm counting or anything...) I'm fifty and a half days away from half way, I used a calculator to figure that out because maths has never been my strong point.

Anyway, I was wandering around the flat trying to think of a little post motivation. I scrolled through social media telling myself that it was purely for inspirational purposes uhuh... and then I decided there was only one thing for it. I'd have to pull out the big guns, my sure fire way of coming up with a post. It's a recipe, not another healthy vegan recipe, but a recipe to post writing success. By success I mean that a post is churned out, this in no way means it'll be one of my best.

My Recipe To Blog Post Writing Success.

  • Cup of tea - this is paramount. If I'm in a bit of a grumpy lazy mood, which rarely happens, it's either because I haven't had a cup of tea for a few hours or I'm unwell.
  • James Bay - there's something about his voice, much like Norah Jones' that gets my brain whirring.
  • Lighting a vanilla candle - staring at a burning flame, (of a candle, I'm not arsonistic) seems to calm me and makes me carefully consider my words.
  • Barefoot - not a clue, let's not even try to understand why this helps.
  • Sitting cross legged in my swirly twirly office chair at my desk - also not a clue.

For some reason the fusion of these five run of the mill things sparks a mixture of motivation and inspiration which fuels my finger tips to gracefully glide over the keys in front of me, barely touching a letter before moving onto the next.

That's a long introduction into today's post Peta, if you're still reading then well done, you deserve a good old pat on the back.

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In a week's time it will be the last day of my "Summer Holidays", I'll be returning to work as a Foreign Language English Teacher on the 1st of September after nearly three months off. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really on holiday, this time has been unpaid and I opted not to work in favour of having a little less money but enjoying Summer and working on my blog.

I'm in two minds about returning to work, a huge part of me is like nooo, I want to stay home and work on my blog and be a full time blogger, vlogger and overall internet sensation. But you know... I kinda need moneys.

The other part of me is filled with that back to school feeling, the excited nervousness of a brand new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. I'm looking forward to seeing little humans who will somehow have grown so much during the Summer break. I can't wait to see the friendly faces of my collegues and endure plenty of staff room banter, gossip and catch ups. I plan on overfeeding the teachers with healthy cakes and snacks, demanding their absolute, honest opinions.

September has always given me the brand new start feels. More so than New Years Day if I'm honest, I think this harps back to my childhood. The new school uniform, shiny unscuffed black shoes, knee high socks so white they could blind you and a backpack bursting at the seams with sparkling books, the coolest pencil case ever and a fancy lunch box.

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It's at this time of year I set goals, I like having something concrete to work towards, here are my goals for the rest of the year.

24 Hours In Today Goals.

  • 4000 views in a month / 2000 unique visitors in a month

I'm on track with this goal, my views have been steadily growing over the past few months, I think consistenly posting daily, being social on twitter and instagram and working on my SEO has really helped with this. As you can see my views really started to improve when I began daily blogging in May.Once I began to use my social media channels to actually socialise with like minded lovely people in July, the views started to increase at a good rate. Blog stats 2016: January 2016: 17 views | 11 visitors | 26 likes | 1 comment

February 2016: 85 views | 30 visitors | 47 likes | 10 comments

March 2016: 117 views | 77 visitors | 76 likes | 2 comments

April 2016: 190 views | 116 visitors | 97 likes | 12 comments

May 2016: 349 views | 143 visitors | 95 likes | 21 comments

June 2016: 349 views | 147 visitors | 85 likes | 13 comments

July 2016: 414 views | 168 visitors | 91 likes | 26 comments

August 2016: 842 views | 435 visitors | 95 likes | 39 comments


  • 10,000 instagram followers

I have hugely upped my instagram game over the past few weeks and it really seems to be paying off in terms of likes and follows. I think just commenting and being active a few times a day, as well as posting at least two or three photos a day, and using all thirty hashtags is what has prompted such a quick rise in followers. I'm aiming for 1000 followers by the end of next week and I hope it will just snowball from there. You can find me on Instagram as @24HoursInToday

I haven't been keeping track of my instagram following as much as I'd like but here's a little summary:

11th July 2016 : Started my 24 Hours In Today instagram account. 0 followers

2nd August 2016: 70 followers

9th August 2016: 149 followers

16th August 2016: 234 followers

23rd August 2016: 474 followers

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  • 5000 twitter followers

I find it a little tougher when it comes to growing my following on Twitter, I think recently taking part in Twitter Chats is helping and trying not to be afraid about reaching out and tweeting other bloggers. This week I've started to schedule tweets using Buffer as I'm terrible at remembering to promote my own blog on twitter, and I must say I seem to be getting a nice amount of traffic to the blog from this each day.

2nd August 2016: 142 followers

9th August 2016: 259 followers

16th August 2016: 386 followers

23rd August 2016: 474 followers


  • Migrate To Self Hosted.

I am currently in the middle of moving over to a self hosted wordpress site. I used to blog for a living five years ago which grew into a magazine and previously owned quite a few self hosted wordpress sites. I opted to start a wordpress hosted site in January telling myself that I didn't want to go back into the monetised blog world of being self employed. I just wanted a place to document my life. As time passes though we change and blogging has filled a void I hadn't realised exsisted until I found my way back to pouring my thoughts out onto a screen.

I won't be monetising the site until I reach at least 1000 visitors to the blog a month as well as 5000 followers on my social media channels. I want to get the blog moved and self hosted as soon as possible, so that I can work out any quirks and problems as they arise, before I have the added pressure of sponsors once again. Who'd have thought I'd be back to talking about stats, sponsors and advertising?! Not me, that's for sure!


  • Blog Lovin'100 Followers.

Blog lovin' is my preferred choice of following my favourite blogs, however I am awful at promoting my own blog lovin' profile so that other's can follow 24 Hours In Today easily. I'm going to try and shout a little louder about it to gain more of a following.

August 2016 Blog Lovin' Followers: 6

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  • Youtube

100 Subscribers

Oh Youtube, you scare the hell out of me. On the 4th of June I began documenting my life, I decided that I'd like to record all of the memories of my 26th year on this earth to keep forever. I created two monthly vlogs and realised that because they were so long I'd probably be better with weekly vlogs. My laptop broke last week and I lost all of the footage but I am still going to be vlogging once it has been revived by the laptop doctors.

I've also started a series of 24 Seconds In The Kitchen videos which are super simple recipes packed into 24 seconds. I'd like to continue regularly producing this content as I really enjoy making these short healthy videos. When it comes to growing my Youtube channel I struggle just as much as I do with Blog Lovin' but we'll get there!

21st July 2016: Published my first vlog June 2016

August 2016: 8 Subscribers

I'm going to document the growth of my blog on a monthly basis at the end of each month, I hope it will help and inspire others who are thinking about creating their own little spot on the 'tinterweb'.

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Life Goals.

I have a bucketlist of 100 things I'd like to do in my life, I think we'd better include a few of these in my goals for the rest of twenty-sixteen.

  • Learn to do an unassisted headstand - I started this way back and then just kind of stopped...oops.
  • Learn to play the Ukulele - now that it's in writing I'm going to have to, maybe I'll do a little Uke cover of a song on my Youtube Channel once I'm confident enough... hmmm... we'll see.
  • Visit Paris - not a clue how we'll manage this but I'd like to visit Paris with Fraser before the year is over.
  • Sort out contact lenses and buy new glasses. I lost my glasses in June, I have a spare pair which I only use if I HAVE to, (when driving) so at the moment I spend most of my time squinting.

1698 words you say wordpress? I believe this may be one of my longest posts ever. If you made it to the end I hope it inspires you to create your own list of goals, motivates you to actually do something about that list and that you had a cup of tea on hand as you read this beast of a post.

I am off to try and capture a few nice images to make this post a little more digestable. Thank you for coming on this journey with me and following me as I fit as much as I can into twenty four hours every day.


Me x

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