A failed MOT and trendy bars

I had a list of things as long as my arm to do today with the best of intentions to complete every tiny little job on the list. Until I decided to drink 5 glasses of red wine in town last night wandering from bar to bar. I'm not a big drinker, I'm more of a have a glass of wine, feel a little jolly (I'm such a light weight) followed by a soda water. I woke up a slightly hungover and proceeded to wander around the flat in a procrastinating mess with cats meowing loudly that they were hungry. Yes, I get that you're hungry but do you realise what your food smells like to a hungover human?!

(I did, of course, feed them eventually)

Very little has been accomplished today, I somehow managed to prepare my meals for the week and I meandered into town to pick my bike up from where I left it last night, after realising I really couldn't cycle home.  It's been very chilled as far as Sundays go for me.

Anyway back to the bars of last night, Vilanova is really starting to change with wine bars and restaurants you'd expect to find in trendy parts of Barcelona. I love the modern, unusual quirky places that seem to have popped up over night. It's slowly but surely becoming a very cool place to live.

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The last photo was taken at 10pm, the square buzzing with children and families. Spain, you're a very special place.

Let's have a little look at the rest of my week shall we?

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I took this photo cycling home on Tuesday from a morning class. So, my beloved Betsy failed her MOT this week, I called my dad and wailed down the phone "Daaaaad she faiiiiled, you have to fix her". I must say when I was told it would cost over four hundred euros I took a very sharp intake of breath. You see Betsy was bought for five hundred euros. Luckily I have a dad who fixes everything and always goes the extra mile. He called a few days later to say he had found the spare parts at the scrap yard for a grand total of thirty euros, he'd be able to fix the car that same afternoon. A few days later Betsy passed her MOT with flying colours and we were back on the road.

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May brings the most beautiful sunsets...


For the first time this year I popped my bikini on and lay by the pool, I do believe Summer is here!

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I took a selfie... or two...

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I had the family over for lunch and fed them a bowl of healthy goodness yesterday.

And that has been my week! :)

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