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A good for the soul weekend

Evening internet. How goes it? It's weekly round up time! I don't even remember the start of this week, it feels like so long ago. It's been a proper eat, sleep, work repeat week and I'm so glad it's Sunday. For once I'm not hungover, I have had a ridiculously productive Sunday, I've spent the weekend with those I love and I'm in a pretty good mind space right now.

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In two, yep two (?!) days I'll be finishing work for the Summer. It's surreal and scary and I know that financially it's going to be bloody tight. But I also know that it'll be full of laughter, friends, happiness, beach days, pool days and lots and lots of sleep.


After a crazy work week I skyped my very best friend in the whole world. I looked forward to the skype date all week and we regularly kept reminding each other to make sure that this time it would actually happen. Life has a habit of getting in the way of skype dates. It was so nice to catch up and natter away for a few hours.


On Saturday after work I went into town with my Mum and Sister to do a spot of shopping. I'm not a shopping person, in fact I can't stand it. I absolutely hate trying clothes on, changing rooms in general, the queues, the people, just everything about this extreme sport. I get fed up and grumpy quite quickly which is completely unlike me when it comes to everything else in life. However I did battle my way into far too many items of clothing, peeled off clothes that were too small, shrugged off clothes that were too big and wondered when certain fashion pieces stopped being okay for me to wear. I'm looking at you hot pants and crop tops.

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I eventually purchased a few dresses, shorts and tops and headed to the perfume shop to reward myself for actually managing to buy something with my very favourite scent - Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolph.

My lovely friend Rhiân asked if I fancied popping into Barcelona for dinner and a catch up, which of course I did, so I headed home quickly, showered and hopped on the train into BCN. We gossiped over red wine and nachos, giggled our way through some questionable bravas and ended the evening promising to see each other soon.

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Today is Father's Day and I had the family down for lunch, which surprisingly was a very civil affair. After they left I cleaned the flat and made a huge chocolate cake to take into work tomorrow and here I am sat writing this, nibbling my way through a bag of sunflower seeds.

It's been one of those heart warming weekends that's made my soul happy. I haven't slept as much as I promised myself I would have, I've barely sat down and yet I feel rested and ready to start a brand new week.

Wishing you a lovely week full of happiness,

Me x

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