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A lovely little week...

A lovely little week...


It's been another week full of fun! I have a feeling my weekly round up next Sunday will be pretty boring in comparison to the past few weeks. On Monday we hopped on the train to Barcelona and visited one of my favourite places in the city "Parc Güell". It's an awesome park that overlooks the whole city, I love the unusual architecture which somehow enhances the natural beauty of the gardens in the park. It's at times like this I wish I could capture awe-inspiring uniqueness of the places I visit in a way that does them justice.






Parc Güell always has some pretty cool buskers dotted around and this time it didn't disappoint. I love to hear different versions of long forgotten songs as well as unusual instruments being played by travelers making their way across Spain, Europe or possibly The World.

Tuesday was alllllll about the pool as well as a little visit to the beach. I struggle to lie still at the best of times but place me in the middle of a scorching beach and it all gets a little too much for me. I prefer to play around in the sea, jumping waves, doing handstands and searching for shells and pebbles.

Wednesday found us in Sitges during the day time. Arriving back to the car we opened the door only to be hit with the biggest wave of heat I've felt in a long time. Fraser had the smart idea of a challenge. Who could last the longest without rolling down their window during the car journey home? Suffice to say a late afternoon dip in the pool was required once we got home.  As we splashed around listening to a tropical house playlist we decided there was only one thing for it. A few drinks and dinner in town was needed.



A much needed rest day was had on Thursday, we played jenga on my living room floor and spent the day by the pool. It was pure bliss.

Barcelona and La Sagrada Familia - the incredible Cathedral called on Friday. Heads up! If you would like to visit the Cathedral and take a look inside I recommend booking tickets online beforehand. We arrived to a sold out ticket office, settling for a wander around the outside a little down heartened. We soon got our act together and headed to Ciutadella Park for a walk before meandering over to La Playa de Barceloneta. It's first beach you reach on the way into Barcelona. Situated right next to "Hotel W" La Playa de Barceloneta has some beautiful bars and restaurants. We polished off dinner and drinks before heading home on the train. Oh to be on holiday!!





On Fraser's last day here, Saturday, we headed to a nearby town for lunch. The weather has spiked in temperature and it's really starting to get uncomfortably hot. After making homemade pizzas for dinner I drove to the airport to tearily wave off one of my favourites. I've never been great at goodbyes.

Today I've pottered around the house doing a few jobs here and there getting up to date with chores and washing. I went on a long walk with my sister for a catch up at sunset which was lovely.



Although the coming week wont be as adventurous and exciting I'm sure it will be full of sunshine, happiness and good music. In my mind these are the ingredients for a good week. Although I can't say I'm looking forward to my 7am alarm for the gym. Wish me luck!


Me x



On This Day 11/7/2013

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