Adios Alcohol - It's time for a detox
This morning I woke up with the hangover to beat all hangovers. The shakes, being sick, throbbing head and feeling pretty sorry for myself, it's not worth it. I'm not a huge drinker, I'll have a few drinks at a work event or on the odd night out. I never drink at home unless friends are over for dinner. This is why few drinks will effect me so badly, that and my age of course.
I remember at eighteen I could drink way more than I can now and I'd awake the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. I thought it would last forever, oh how very wrong I was. Twenty five was when everything started changing for me. Weight was a little more difficult to shift, the hangovers were insane and I needed to head home earlier. It's funny how age changes things, even over the course of a few years.
As you know, I'm very careful with my diet. Consuming any kind of dairy or refined white sugar will have me vomiting in no time, lasting for days. Too much animal protein increases the growth of tumours in my body. If I accidentally eat a banana, I'll be so sick that I'll need to go to hospital due to dehydration. I meticulously check labels. I spend hours preparing meals and snacks that are Peta friendly. Yet I don't think twice about what alcohol is doing to my body on a night out.
It's time that changed. I like to feel in control at all times, on the ball, energetic and able to do anything. Alcohol does not make me feel like that. It fogs the brain, slurs the speech, plays with your feet so they don't do quite what you're telling them to do. It loosens the tongue - you find words tumbling out of your mouth that you'll regret the next day should you remember. Let's not even start on the joys of the morning after.
I've decided to say adios amigo to alcohol for a while. I'm not going to put a time frame on it. Any kind of restriction makes me want whatever I've decided I can't have. But I have a feeling it'll be for a long time. I'll keep you updated on how it goes, and I'm also going to experiment with a few alcohol free cocktails too. If they turn out right, I'll pop the recipes on the blog. 
Peta x