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Adventures Of Mine - Paris 2017

Adventures Of Mine - Paris 2017


The alarm went off at 04:15 on Saturday 11th March. I was wide awake and full of excitement the moment I heard the first little beep. I prodded the sleeping Fraser lying next to me. "Hey, do you fancy going to Paris with me?" I whispered. "Okaaaaay, let's do this" he sleepily replied. We went about extracting ourselves from the cosy duvet, which may or may not have had a few snoozing cats curled up, (stretched out as much as a cat can stretch) snug and warm in the bed. I knooooow, I know we aren't supposed to let them sleep in the bed, but cat parent guilt was strong knowing we'd be away all weekend.

We dressed, ate breakfast - because this crazy cat lady can't leave the house without eating, nevermind travel to a different country, and made our way to the airport. We flew from the new terminal at Barcelona airport, it's shiny, pretty and oh my goodness do they sting you on food and drink. Two bottles of water were €7! We both tend to drink at least 3 litres of water each a day so not having water after going through security wasn't an option. We messed around with our cameras whilst waiting for the flight to be called and then boarded the plane.

After an hour long flight, we landed safely in Paris Orly airport. We fully intended on getting to the hotel via public transport, although we had absolutely no plans for our trip (I know, who even am I going to Paris with absolutely no plans?!) I had made sure we knew how to get to our accomodation. After hopping on two trains we ventured down to the metro. This is where I began to get a little panicky, I felt unsafe. It was strange feeling like this as I'm usually very confident using public transport wherever I am. Fraser could see I was getting pretty anvious as we tried to work out the metro map and suggested we get some fresh air and a taxi as we were just 10 minutes drive from the hotel.

The moment we were out in the oven I calmed down, admiring the detailing of the Gare Du Nord building. Once we'd taxi-ed to the hotel, we dropped off our luggage and ventured up rather a steep hill, and many many steps, to the Basilique Du Sacre Coure. The view of the city is pretty impressive and the calm feeling inside the cathedral is incredible. I walked mindfully and quietly around the building taking in the architectural magic and colourful stained glass windows. Entry into the cathedral is free of charge and I really do recommend a little visit.


Later we walked down the hill and took a bus down to the Eiffel Tower, upon seeing the iconic landmark it really hit me that we were in Paris. We walked through the backstreets and stopped for a bite to eat. I can see why Paris has a rep for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. We each ordered an omelette and a glass of wine, we were erm... €50 down once we'd polished off this small lunch. Ouch!

Wandering around the streets my eyes darted from one pure instagram gold snap to the next. The amazing detailing, floral prettiness and chic, stunningly dressed Parisians to name but a few. I could spend days meandering along those pavements, day dreaming and trying not to think about ridiculously expensive omelettes.

We returned to the hotel during the late afternoon for a nap and to gobble a few pringles, maybe 2 cans of pringles. But who's counting?! That night we ventured back to the Eiffel Tower, we paused to watch the light show from afar which happens for 10 minutes every hour on the hour. We then strolled down to the tower and joined the queue to go right to the top.

If there is one thing I highly reccommend doing, it is going to the top of the tower. It was scary, and exhilerating, and my god did my heart feel like it was about to pop out of my chest. However, it was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. The tickets cost €17 per person to go right to the top and it really is worth it. After flirting with death at the top of the tower, IT IS HIGH PEOPLE. REALLY FREAKING HIGH. We bought some 'frites' and made our way back to the hotel. Via uber - this was the first time either of us had ever used uber and it was brilliant. I love the fact that you can pin point your location to the driver, so in foreign countries there's no explaining where you are as well as being able to pay via paypal on the app and knowing the cost of your journey before booking is ace.  (This post is not sponsored by uber, I just got rather excited by the notion of getting an uber.)

On Sunday morning we awoke early-ish and ate breakfast in the hotel. We decided to drag our small suitcase around with us as we had no clue where we were going but had a whole days worth of exploring to do. We got another Uber to the Louvre. (What is it about saying we got an uber that makes me feel all withit and like I'm adulting on another level?!)

The Louvre building was charming, stunning and every kind of wonderful. We decided not to go in as we desperately wanted to explore the backstreets of Paris and thought that The Louvre would need a whole day if we were to go inside, something that we just didn't have time for. Next time Paris, next time!

We walked down the river, watching the boats bob along the fast flowing current, I was really surprised at how fast it flows! We ended up at Notre Dame, sitting in the sun listening to a guitarist play a tune or two watching children chase pidgeons carefree and giggling. At lunch time we found a little restaurant a short walk from Notre Dame. This had everything to do with me desperately needing the loo, however we decided to stay for more than just a quick drink and devoured a platter full of yumminess.

After lunch we walked along the river a little more before heading back to the airport. We were exhausted, mind boggled and feeling pretty grubby from walking around all day but we boarded the plane with huge smiles on our faces having ticked Paris off our bucket list.

If you have a spare 3:29 mins, here is a little video of our time in Paris.

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