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April 2017 | Dear Future Me...

April 2017 | Dear Future Me...


Dear Future Me, April 2017 was a lovely month, it was calming and grounding. It flew by in a flash and before I knew it I was thinking about editing my vlog, worrying that I hadn't really captured a whole lot on video. However, looking back at the footage that I did capture, it kind of all slots in perfectly. I felt pretty under the weather for a good part of the month, it was brought on by exhaustion - I was really ready for the Easter break. I hadn't been eating as well as I should have been, oops! and sleep took a few hits in the priorities list.

Things I learned in April 2017.

  • Sleep is so important, kid yourself all you like that you don't need eight hours every single night, and even more at times. You do. You need it just as much as you need to eat, stay hydrated and exercise.
  • Time spent watching films, reading a book and not ticking off your to do list is time well spent.
  • Generosity makes the world go round. It's the most important thing there is.
  • Workouts don't always mean sweating like a mad woman. They can also mean dancing around your living room like a loon or practicing a gentle, calming yoga sequence.
  • Peppermint tea after a big meal can only ever be a good thing.
  • I like cars with a go faster button "THE SPORTS BOOST" button to be specific.
  • My best friend Laura makes incredible avocado on toast.


Moments that made my heart happy in April 2017.

  • Going for walks with my favourite person in the whole world and his dog. There's something about the British countryside in Spring, with it's frolocking lambs and green green hills that blew all the cobwebs away.
  • Reading again - I stopped reading at the pace I used to read at. I'd slowed down to a book lasting three months but I'm back to reading a book within about two weeks and I just love that feeling of getting lost in a far off land.
  • Visiting family and friends. My grandparents still live in the houses they lived in when I was born, so visiting them always feels a little like going home in a way. It was lovely to run up the steps, let myelf in the front door shouting I'm heeere and catch up over cups of tea.
  • Surprising my little sister with a birthday breakfast - lot's of balloons, bunting and mini cupcakes galore!

My Favourite Recipes in April 2017

  • The Tupper Noodle - I'd messed around with the concept for a while, my tupper noodle pot and I had history, however this was the month that we made it official. Tupper Noodles became my go to work lunch.
  • Lemon Nibbles - Whilst in England, I once again became obsessed with Nakd's nibbles, I always had a bag of them in my bag. On my return to Barcelona I came home with six precious bags of these wonderful little bites. Guess what? I ate them in a week. So I set about creating my own version and they are every kind of wonderful too!
  • Dairy Free Pizza - I can't eat dairy, it makes me pretty poorly to be honest! But I do LOVE pizza, I may or may not have enjoyed my own version of a dairy free pizza a few too many times this month. #SorryNotSorry

Dear Future Me April 2017 Video


I wonder what May 2017 will bring, I hope it brings yummy food, lots of new recipe ideas and plenty of sleep. We're heading into Summer here and I'm sure the heat will hit us in no time so for now, I'll enjoy the pleasant day time temps before I'm dying of heat. Peta x
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