Becoming Me

It's my weekly round up time again and as per usual I'm surprised that it's already Sunday. This week I have spent a lot of time really stepping back and taking a look at myself, I've spent hours (along with copious amounts of tea) really thinking about who I am now and how far I have come in just a few short months. A couple of weeks ago I came across "The Secret" again and it has really changed by life as corny as that may sound. We are all capable of achieving and having all that we want, it is all about asking, envisioning and believing. I have started a Pinterest account for my vision boards so please feel free to have a nosey!

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I had a tooth removed this week, so I made sure to fit in pancakes on pancake day before heading to the dentist. I am having 2 wisdom teeth and another random tooth out in a week which is going to require a week off work and lots of rest. Hello Netflix and chill!

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I purchased the new Deliciously Ella book which is AMAZING!! I have made quite a few dishes already and one of my absolute favourites is the gooey chocolate brownies...unfortunately I didn't take a photo because they were consumed that quickly!

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My lil dude is getting lovelier every day and ever so cuddly!

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I have also yoga-ed every day this week and it has felt truly wonderful, I'm much more zen and content with life because of it.

Today is valentines day, with the run up to valentines I have had the usual questions; Anyone special you'll be spending valentines with? What will you be doing this valentines?! (followed by plenty of nudging and winking) and my old favourite, ohhh valentines sucks when you're single doesn't it?! Well actually I don't think it does. I'm really happy in my own company now and although it would be wonderful to have someone to share moments with, I'm proud that I am at a point in my life where I don't need someone to validate my worth. I'm proud of myself, for all that I am and for becoming me.

So today I have spent the day chilling at home with my cats, making a yummy lunch, eating brownies and watching The Michalaks. I hope you have had the most wonderful week and a beautiful Valentines.

Love Me x