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My Camera Set Up - Lumix GX 800

My Camera Set Up - Lumix GX 800


Where ever I have been since August, I've had my camera glued to my hand. It is my all time most treasured possession. I have received many messages and comments asking about the camera I use and how I edit my photos and videos - so I thought it was about time I popped this little post together. Fraser had saved up for a year for my birthday present, he knew he wanted to get me a camera and we spent months researching which one would suit best. We went into Jessops in Exeter in the Summer and spoke to one of the advisors in there. Oh my goodness do they know their stuff. He helped me narrow down what I needed the camera for, how heavy I wanted it to be, what kind of camera would suit best whilst keeping within our budget.

The photos in this post were taken by me - with the bare minimum of photography experience using the Panasonic Lumix GX800. I create one minute daily videos as well as take numerous photos of my life , my cats and recipes and highly recommend the set up for anyone who wants to use it for similar purposes. You can find these videos on my Instagram and Youtube Channel.

The Camera - Panasonic Lumix GX 800.

I've used my Lumix GX 800 every single day for the past five months. I capture moments on film forever, snapshots of my days, memories to keep for a lifetime and beyond. 99% of the photos you now see on this blog and instagram are taken with my Panasonic Lumix GX800. It's light, compact and even has a flip up screen for vlogging. It fits into my bag which was one of the reasons I chose this model. You can purchase additional lenses for the camera - see below on which lenses I use.

I'm in love with the GX800 - it has a wifi function where you can transfer images to your phone, iPad or laptop without a cable in seconds. This is the only way I transfer photos to be honest - straight from the camera to my phone. I like the flip up screen as I personally enjoy videos where the person is looking at the camera or slightly upwards rather than to the side. It has a 4K function - however these videos can't be wirelessly transferred. I don't know a whole lot about cameras, and this is my first 'Proper Camera'. I find it easy to use, it allows me to get creative without knowing all too much about how to work it. It has both manual and automatic focus which is fun to play with. If you do fancy purchasing this camera, I would highly recommend an additional battery. I must admit, I use it a lot - I make a video every single day with it but I find I have to charge it once a day if it's a busy one.


The Lenses - 12-32mm & 25mm

The Panasonic cameras are compatible with both panasonic lenses and olympus lenses which is fab. You can swap and change between the two and both Fraser and I said if we were to get another camera we'd make sure it was either Panasonic or Olympus in order to use the lenses on both. I think we'd be much more inclined to go for Panasonic now that we've had a taste of it!

12-32 mm

The 12-32mm lens came with the camera. It's a great wide angled lens that I use more for vlogging as it's a little further away from my face or if I'm taking a photo where I need to squish everything into one shot. It's high quality, takes beautiful photos, captures colours wonderfully and works well.

25 mm

This lens is the bloggers dream. We ummed and arred in the shop between a macro lens and this lens. It's my blurry background lens and it's rarely taken off the camera. It captures light beautifully, makes the backgrounds of shots hazy whilst focusing sharply on the primary object. I use it for all of my food photography as well as the majority of my daily video footage. I always use it to take photos of the cats, especially if the fairy lights are on in the background!

Top Tip: If you want to take a selfie with this lens on with another person, make sure you are both at exactly the same distance from the camera. If not it will focus in on just one of your faces.


Tripod - Manfrotto

I currently only have one tripod and it is always screwed onto the camera. I use the Manfrotto Tripod both as a tripod and as a selfie stick / stabeliser. It has extendable legs, and I find it really useful - so much so that it feels strange holding the camera without it.





Memory Card - Scan Disk 64GB

Along with the camera, we bought a 64GB micro memory card. I always have the camera on the 1080 dp setting for videos and photos - this is high quality but takes quite a lot of space. I tend to need to empty the card every couple of months - that being said I do film a lot, much of it doesn't make it into the videos.

Editing - iMovie & Color Story

I edit my photos on the Colour Story app - I try hard to keep them as close to the original as possible, I'm not a fan of hugely over edited images. My videos are put together on my iPhone using the iMovie app which comes free with the phone. It's a bit fiddly on a small screen but you do get used to it. Afterwards I pop it into the Color Story app to adjust the colouring slightly. Videos can only be up to 60 seconds long to edit in the Color Story app, so if you're working on a longer video edit per shot or smaller chunks and then pop the video together.

Top Tip: When you upload a video to Instagram you can choose the cover of the video. Once you pick the video you'd like to share press next, at the bottom you can see three options Filter Trim and Cover. Pop on over to Cover and you can pick your thumbnail for the video, keeping your grid looking lovely and oh so very YOU!

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, my photography or daily videos I make please feel free to contact me or comment below. I'll answer as best as I can! This post is not a sponsored post however the links to the products in this post are affiliate links. This means that I receive a small percentage of money if you were to click on the link and buy the products.

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