Carnival Chaos

Oh carnival you wonderful lovely thing you! It's the music, the energy and the incredible costumes that makes it one of the best parties in Spain. This week has been a week of madness leading up to carnival with lots of running around, plenty of gym visits and a whole lot of food...let's take a look shall we?     I taught a good friend how to batch cook for the week (or month in this case)!

   Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't resist eating aaall the energy balls in one go?!

   Hello scrumptious breakfast of quinoa cooked in rice milk topped with apple, pear, pollen and sultanas with a sprinkle of ginger and cinnamon. 

   Batch cooking you truly make life easier. This weeks food consists of delicious veggie pizza, homemade brown bread, soups, curry and plenty of hummus. 

   This lunch on Sunday was every kind of wonderful. I try to include fish or eggs in my diet 1-2 times a week to get enough B12.

   Arthur cat in the happy baby pose

     Carnival with awesome friends to end the week <3