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Cat Gift Wish List - A Letter To Santa Paws

Cat Gift Wish List - A Letter To Santa Paws


Dear Santa Paws, The four fur babies, Katie, Arthur, Albert and Tina have been very quite good this year. Although we have had the usual scraps -

    • Arthur stalking Katie, Katie angered by this has given him a telling off.
    • Arthur stalking Tina, Tina has been mildly confused by this...
    • Arthur stalking Albert, who has sometimes found this annoying and sometimes found it highly amusing.


    • Arthur pouncing on Katie whilst she's sleeping, I believe it's his surprise attack method...
    • Albert eating everyone else's food
    • Albert broke Arthur's favourite rainbow mouse which may have something do with the above incidents.
    • Tina has slept in everyone else's bed but her own, which has caused chaos because nobody wants to sleep in a bed Tina has slept in. I fear this is due to her cleaning the bed all over...until it's soaking.


    • Katie hid in a very good hiding place, and would not come out when called.This may or may not have resulted in me searching for her and calling my parents and sister over to help search for her along my lane for hours . It may also have caused me to ugly cry in panic thinking the very worst had happened to her and that I would never see her again. She was in fact on the storage box under the sink in the bathroom and could hear the calls for her whilst we searched inside but decided it was much cosier and comfier to stay put. She appeared inside four hours later when I had all but given up and it took days to work out where she had been hiding. Once we had figured out her hiding spot  we were very happy as she had a little secret spot away from the other cats to sleep. (She's an old girl and likes her own space.) Unfortunately, Tina spied her jumping up into her new found secret spot one day and when she left a few hours later, proceeded to clean the entire thing. Katie no longer goes near her secret spot and has since disowned it.


  • Tina has quite the problem with spot on. What once was a 10 minute event in the Cat Lady Household has now become a four day long event. She knows its coming, she can sense it's spot on day and so she avoids me at all costs. It's more the fear of what will happen than the actual spot on, as she is very cuddly and relieved afterwards.
  • Albert went missing for a whole week. As you can imagine Santa Paws this was very worrying for us all, even Arthur called for him. He returned after a week as if nothing had happened.
  • Arthur has also had a similar incident when he sneaked passed me as I guarded the front door for Katie to come in a few nights ago. He refused to come back in and stayed out all night. He feels he has made up for this though as he didn't leave my side or go out for two whole days.


Although there are quite a few naughty episodes to account for, the cats have also been very good this year. They have eaten all of their dinner nearly every day, apart from Katie who has always been a little picky. They have given endless cuddles, slept in their own beds, brought presents of leaves and sticks as well as hairbands and hairclips, which is most certainly preferable over dead animals. Above all, they have given me so much joy every single day this year.

When I arrive home from work four little furry faces are sat waiting. I'm never alone as there is always a little paw sat next to me and my little Yoga buddy never fails to join me on the mat - giving me endless motivation to keep yoga-ing. I don't know how I'd survive without my little team to accompany me to the bathroom and cause havoc whilst I take a bath. Who would I tell my inner most thoughts and feelings to?!

Santa Paws, although they have been quite the handful, I couldn't live without them. Here is their Cat Gift Wish List for this year, they have also included recommendations at the bottom of things they already own which they would recommend for other cats who may not have written a list to Santa Paws this year.

May your Christmas be Meowy and bright.

Peta (Katie, Arthur, Albert & Tina's Mum)



The lovely people at Zooplus have sponsored this post by sending these four very lucky cats a selection of the items on their wishlist. Although this is a sponsored post, the items have all been chosen by me with my cats in mind and for specific reasons. All thoughts, views and cat stories are my own. Hehe! I have linked the items through the image and name of the item so that you can treat your babies too.


Cat Activity Fun Board

This is an intelligence toy for cats, it looks really interesting and I think it will definitely keep them busy. I think Arthur will enjoy this the most as he loves "hunting" for treats. I hide treats on his jungle gym, he's always checking it to see if the treat fairy has been!

Arthur is two and a half, and is a very immature two and a half year old! He needs plenty of brain stimulation and to be played with, I'm hoping this will give us a helping hand in that respect!




Catch The Light Laser

We borrowed my mum's cat laser whilst Arthur was recovering from surgery, well enough to play, but wasn't allowed outside yet. It sent him over the edge, he LOVED it.

If you have a cat, I'd highly recommend one of these, they have so much fun chasing it and they're very affordable. You can pick them up for a couple of pounds. Hours of fun!






Leo Cat Dangler

Katie cat is fourteen years old, quite the old lady! She loves playing but doesn't enjoy balls or mice. They say cats usually have a certain preferance to games, and you can pin it down to their similarity to animals. Katie likes string and ribbons, objects that look like snakes so I think she'll really enjoy this.

Arthur, on the other hand, prefers balls, mice and feathers - objects that are similar to small rodants and birds.



Cat Cheese Corner

Albert and Arthur enjoy playing games together that involve boxes and dangling things on strings so I have a feeling they will really get into this game together.

I made them a similar version, which you can see below. It worked really well and you could definitely make something similar at home if you prefer home made gifts for your babies.

This comes with balls and the dangling mouse and for just under a fiver, I think it looks pretty fabulous!



Remote Control Mouse Toy

How cool is this?! I had no idea these exsisted until a few days ago. I'm hoping the babies will find it as amusing as I do!


The remote runs on AA batterys and it serves as a charging dock for the little mouse, which only needs 45 seconds to charge before he's off roaming the house again. The mouse can travel up to 3M away from the remote control.

My friends, I am OBSESSED with this.




 Moppi Sheep & Hedgehog Catnip Toys

All four of the cats adore catnip toys.(until Tina gets her paws on them and cleans and sucks them to within an inch of their little catnip toy lives.)

We only started buying them about a year ago as I hadn't realised they'd like them so much.

Arthur takes his to bed and the others enjoy playing with the little teddies and rubbing their faces on them.





Cat Mate Pet Fountain

In August of this year Arthur was rushed to the vets in the early hours of the morning.

His urinary tract was blocked and he needed an emergency operation to unblock it. He was very poorly but recovered well.

Two of the main reasons behind urinary tract infections and blockages are stress and a lack of water in the cat's diet. Cat's don't drink water often, so we need to add it into their food or make it a little more interesting.

I add water to Arthur's wet food and he has a special medicated dry food that is mixed with his usual Lily's Kitchen dry food. I thought this fountain could mix things up a little and make drinking water more interesting for him and the other cats.

The Favourites We Recommend For Others


Grey Heart Beds

We have two of the Zooplus Isobed Mat which are actually dog beds. They're brilliant as they are non slip and machine washable but above all they can be cut to size. We have one huge one on the first floor platform of Catopia. (The cat world Fraser built for the babies.) and then the other one was cut to size to fit in Arthur's Igloo, Tina's Igloo, Katie's shelf and an extra one for the little shelf they sometimes take to in the living room. I can't recommend these highly enough, the cats start kneading them as soon as they jump on and get really comfy which is so lovely to see.


The Hedgehog & The Carrot

We have two re-fillable catnip toys. A lavendar catnip which seems to really relax arthur and makes him all sleepy in his little igloo, he takes his hedgehog to bed with him. The carrot is looking a little worse for wear due to Tina getting her paws on it!


Pompom Balls

Another firm favourite is little craft pompom balls. I got them from a cheap crafts shop and the boys play with them for ages. I think they like them because they're really light weight.


As I mentioned before, Katie is very fond of ribbons, she goes crazy over them especially if you throw one randomly on the sofa! It's the little things isn't it!


The Cat Jungle Gym

This list wouldn't be complete without the gigantic cat jungle gym Fraser bought for the babies. It is Arthur's favourite thing in the whole wide world and I'd say he spends at least half of his day on it, playing with the balls, going in and out of the box bed and generally watching the world around him. This is called The Gingerbread Cat Tree XXL with good reason, it is huge and makes up half of the new cat world. This, along with the rest of Catopia has taken over a large portion of the living room.

The Box Game

The makeshift box game I mentioned above. Arthur and Albert are thrilled with anything like this. I sellotaped a medium sized cardboard box closed and carefully cut holes in the cardboard. I popped in a few cat toys, tied a ribbon onto their favourite mouse and the boys got involved straight away!

If all else fails this Christmas and you don't manage to buy or make your furry friend a pressie, rest assured that your cat will love the used wrapping paper from your presents and discarded cardboard boxes. Here's to plenty of festive games, lots of playing and all the cat love in the world. Here's to a very purry Christmas.

I'd love to hear about what your cat's favourites are, let me know in the comments below!


We are so grateful to be working with Zooplus on this post. We've been buying off the zooplus website for the past six months and found they have excellent customer service, very fast delivery - even to Spain, and there are some great deals to be found on the site, especially on pet food! I've been shouting their praises to anyone who will listen for a good few months, so being sponspored for this post is a dream come true.

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