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Cat Lock Down & Familiar Faces

Cat Lock Down & Familiar Faces


It's Sunday round up time, it feels like it's been such a long week this week, I spent a huge chunk of it editing my first monthly vlog; June 2016 . I also upped my game a little on Twitter and Instagram, until Instagram had a bit of a meltdown and hashtags stopped working for a whole day. That caused a bit of an internet breakdown didn't it?! img_2666

I flew to the UK last night for nine days and arrived back in my hometown in Cornwall in the early hours of this morning. I have very little photo wise of the week due to filming quite a bit of it.

Let's take a look at my photos from this week shall we?

Mid week the cats were on complete lock down. There was a baby bird learning to fly who decided to take his flying lessons on my patio. I rounded up the three bird hunters and locked them inside hoping he'd learn the ropes pretty swiftly. This was not the case. He spent all day and all evening trying to stay off the ground for more than a few moments with his parents helping him. At one point he made it onto the table just outside my living room window, this wound the cats up immensely. By late evening he'd mastered the art, spread his wings and metaphorically flew the nest because let's be honest, he flew the very risky patio didn't he?



My favourite message of the week was sent to me by Rhi, don't think I've ever felt so loved. All because she tried out my Spicy Falafel Recipe and used her hands to mash it together... WARNING: TURMERIC STAINS.


I spent today with my best friend, we gossiped, drank tea, cuddled cats and then played a good few classics such as eye spy and card games with Fraser, Karl and Dan (off of Kim and Dan). It was such a relaxing day. Later Fraser and I popped over to watch Shrek at Nat's house with Dan (different Dan) where we proceeded to fall asleep mid way through the film. #IfCarlsbergMadeSundays #ThisIsNotAnAd 😂

I hope you've had a wonderful week.


Me x


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