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Cat Toys Review

Cat Toys Review


Back in November the lovely people at Zooplus sent us some cat toys to try out following our Cat Gift Wishlist, along with a cat fountain. After a good while testing them, the cats definitely have their favourites. I have four cats who are all very different in character and playing habits, If you're a cat owner I hope you find this cat toy review helpful. If you're not, but you're looking for cat gifts to buy for loved one's pets, then I have a few fab cat present ideas for you! 

Arthur Cat play with lion tail toy


Leo Cat Dangler.

By far Katie and Arthur's favourite toy. Katie is nearly thirteen years old but is still very playful. She loves playing with anything snake like, she's not so keen on balls or rodant style toys. It makes me giggle that this is one of the cheapest items on the list - of course this one would be there favourite! Find the Leo Cat Dangler on ZooPlus here.

Arthur cat playing with toy


Catch The Light Laser.

They all really enjoy playing with this, even Tina who never plays. It requires minimum effort on the human part, and maximum effort on the cat's part in terms of catching the little red dot. There has been plenty of jumping up walls and off their cat jungle gym to catch it! You can take a look the the cat laser on ZooPlus here.

Cat laser toy

The Remote Controlled Mouse.

I think we were more excited about this than the cats in all honesty, we pimped Mr.Mouse out with a long ribbon to drag behind too. They enjoyed playing with it for the first five to ten minutes but got bored after that. However they do seem equally interested in playing each time it's brought out! View the remote controlled mouse on ZooPlus here.

Remote control cat toy

The Pet Mate Water Fountain.

It took four weeks for the cats to use this fountain, and now they won't drink from anywhere else! It has to be said, my cats do take quite a while to adapt to any changes. The fountain makes a whirring noise which I think put them off to begin with. I'm really happy we have this as it's definitely made them all drink more water due to it being kept cool as it's constantly being moved. Take a look at the pet mate water fountain on ZooPlus here.

Tina Cat sleeping in the sun

What They Didn't Like...

I desperately wanted them to love the Cat Activity Fun Board but alas they did not. I've found that my cats are definitely not into being rewarded with treats. I took it over to my Mum's and her cat loved playing with it with little balls that she has - but she wasn't too keen on the treat idea either. If your cat enjoys finding and working for treats, it would probably work well. 

They weren't all too bothered by the Cat Cheese Board or the little Moppi Cat Nip toys.  I was pretty surprised that they weren't amused by the cat nip toys as they have others which they go mad over - but their others are refillable, so I wonder if maybe the cat nip isn't as strong in the Moppi ones, or it smells different for them. 

It has been such a pleasure working with ZooPlus. We use ZooPlus every single month for our pet food order, their delivery is always very fast and the customer service is fantastic. I'd love to hear what toys your cats enjoy playing with. Mine are also partial to cardboard boxes, ribbon, string, hairbands, hairgrips and dried out very crispy leaves. I'm not so keen on the leaves.


ZooPlus Cat Toys Review
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