Challenge Accepted

Challenges inspire me, they give me motivation to go way above and beyond my own expectations. They get me on the right track and help me to practice self discipline, patience and consistence. Three traits I consider incredibly important, but of which I usually lack. I've woken up today in a challenge mood, in a I-can-do-life,-throw-whatever-you-have-at-me-universe mood, I think it's about time I make a start on that bucket list of mine, don't you?

So here are the numbers I'm going to tackle:

22. Learn to do a controlled handstand. 58. Blog every day for a year. 59. Meditate every day for a year. 68. Do an act of kindness every day for a year. 100. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years time on Future Me.

The first four will take time every day which is going to be tough but not impossible. I'll end every blog post with a little round up of how I'm doing. The last one I'm going to do this evening, for some reason I've avoided writing a letter to myself since promising a friend I would do it about 6 years ago.

<3 Today I have meditated, written this blog post and ticked the act of kindness box. What are you going to challenge yourself to do?