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Change Me Up Noodles!

Change Me Up Noodles!


Change me up noodles is a vegetable noodle dish full of nutrients, flavour and goodness. This dish is simple to make with very few ingredients.

Change me up noodles is made of a vegetable stock and fresh veg which can be prepared well in advance.

This noodle dish is a winner and can be 100% vegan, vegetarian, gluten and refined sugar free. Change me up noodles is a quick and easy dish which can be adapted to meet the needs of many people if they like a little bit of meat, fish or if they love a bowl full of tasty vegetables.


Change me up noodle soup

A basic vegetable noodle soup which can be easily changed to accomidate the whole family needs.

Makes: 4 Servings

Prep time:

Cook time:

  • 2 large Onions
  • 1 large red pepper
  • 2 carrots
  • 6 mushrooms
  • 2 cloves of Garlic
  • Small packet of green beans
  • 1 vegetable stock cube
  • 1.5ltrs water
  • Oregano
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt Crystals
  • Spicy Paprika
  • Teriyaki sauce (Gluten free) or soya sauce
  • Packet of rice noodles
  • Kale
  • Instructions:
    1. Slice up onion, garlic and carrot, saute in a hot pan with some olive oil.
    2. Slice up red pepper into batons and top and tail your green beans if not already done.
    3. Season the cooking veg and add a splash of teriyaki sauce along with 1 teaspoon of paprika, oregano, water and the stock cube. Bring to the boil.
    4. Pre heat oven to 200’C to roast kale, 10mins is all you will need. Leave some for the stock.
    5. 5-10 mins before eating add the green beans to boiling stock followed by the red pepper batons. Add noodles in accordance to cooking time, mine took 3 mins in the boiling stock.
    6. Drop in kale last minute to soften through.
    7. Serve in a warm bowl and garnish with roasted kale.
    8. I added some cured meat at the end to satisfy my desires however it is just as yummy as is. Enjoy!
    9. Change me up noodles
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