Chilled & Content

I'm feeling a little bit funny at the moment, it's a feeling I couldn't quite figure out, I'm sleeping more than I usually do and I'm not in a rush to get everything on my to do list finished. In fact, I haven't written a to do list since the end of last week. I'm relaxed, and for me that's a very strange feeling. Living alone I tend to push myself to my absolute limits, I never sit down on the sofa or spend time lying in the sun. I get as much done as I can as quickly as I can constantly coming up with new things to do. I never get bored but because of this I can be quite high strung. I'm always bubbling with energy which is usually converted into a productive work ethic but for the past few days this energy has been poured into being playful, laughing, lying in the sun, jumping in the pool over and over again and walking around town stopping off at various places for a quick drink and bite to eat.

When I spend the day with friends like on Saturday, or have a friend come to stay like right now, I'm forced to chill a little. Certain people have a much more calming effect on me than others and this week I'm about as relaxed as I'll ever be.

It's an unusual feeling that I'm learning to appreciate, so before I ramble on any more I'm going to take my little self off to lie on the sofa and watch a film, I might even have a little nap. Every once in a while we need to take time out, which is something I need to keep in mind for the future.