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Curiosity - Do we need to be more curious?

Curiosity - Do we need to be more curious?

We often hear the saying "Curiosity killed the cat." but we rarely hear the other part to the saying "but satisfaction brought it back". Curiosity is something we hear less of within the digital influencer industry, whilst it's counterpart Creativity is bandied about so much so, that we begin to detest the word itself - much like the word influencer. 

However, can true, honest creativity really exist without curiosity? Are we really creating something new, unique and individual if we have not flexed our curiosity muscle when we embarked upon the creative journey? According to Ian Leslie "Curiosity is a muscle - use it or lose it." I couldn't agree more with this statement. Think about it for a moment, and I'm sure like me, you'll wonder if we have lost it a little over the past few years with the increase of technology use in our day to day lives.

Curiosity can be utilised anywhere at anytime...yet how often do we tap into it? Dorothy Parker said "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." I'd argue that nowadays boredom is being satiated by social media - most definitely not a cure...more of a hindrance I believe. 

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Are we less curious? 

I'm aware that I am less mindful, which in turn is most certainly making me less curious. How often do I ask questions? How often do I practise the art of curiosity? Rarely. Hardly ever. This realisation has had me mulling over another question. Can we, and by we I mean I, really achieve greatness without being curious? 

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein. 

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In order to be different, stand out from the crowd, become indispensible, to be completely and utterly oneself, without a shadow of a doubt we need to be unquenchably curious. To do so, do you think we need to consume less content? Less social noise, less internet racket and mindless comotion? At the beginning of the year I picked a word to live by, my word was 'Flow'. As we have passed the first quarter of the year, and I have become quite unbarably aware of my lack of curiosity, whilst rather proud of my newly acquired skill to go with the flow,  I'm picking a new word...yep! You guessed it, 'Curiosity'. 

curious tabby cat

How can we become more curious? 

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  • Ted Talks - Oh my goodness are they full of amazing information, I find I can become quite entranced and fascinated by a TED talk, I used to watch one every single day whilst eating my breakfast.
  • Different Routes - There are many routes I can take to work, yet I always take the same route. ALWAYS. It's time to become curious, try different ways even if that means leaving the house ten minutes earlier. Discover new roads and streets to walk along. 
  • Read Read Read - The more information we consume, the more we want to consume. Reading books, articles, magazines and newspapers that we wouldn't usually flick through should switch on that dusty old button of curiosity which is currently covered in cobwebs. Poor little button. 
  • Ask Questions - As children we ask so many questions. I have a three year old student who spends the entire lesson asking questions - it is non-stop, and I am guilty of telling him to please refrain from asking quite so many questions. This is a serious problem in society though, we don't have time to answer them. We don't nurture that wonderful virtue of curiosity, instead we view it as something negative - particularly when the curious mind of a three year old is absolutely ravenous.
  • Routines - Get out of them. I am such a routiney-comfort-homebird. There is no place like home for me. No security blanket quite as safe as my daily routine which wraps around me in the cosiest, loveliest, fluffiest manner of all. Whilst that is lovely, it's stopping me from really enjoying life. 
  • Interact With Others - Here's something I am awful at outside of my day job. Interacting, in real life, with others. I'm a teacher and academy co-ordinator - this means I communicate with humans during every single moment of my work day. I find it exhausting and desperately ache for solitude as soon as home time rolls around. Weekends are spent pottering around my flat or garden with my furry friends as company. Whilst this really is every kind of wonderful, it's really not great for my mind or relationships. I get stuck in a rut really easily, finding it difficult to muster up the motivation to meet up with a friend for a coffee and catch up. 
  • Risk - it's time to take risks and accept that sometimes it won't work out. Sometimes you will be wrong, and that's totally ok. 

Have you got any tips for being more curious, or have you found, like me, that you've become a lot less curious with age? Let me know in the comments below, and if you'd like to join me on my curious journey I'm starting a little hashtag to motivate and inspire us all - #MomentsOfUtterCuriosity

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curiosity - do we need to be more curious?
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