Dear Future Me | March 2017

Dear Future Me | March 2017

Dear Future Me, March passed by with equal measure of heart break and heart mending. Much like the Spring weather the highs were beautiful, glittering shiny days and the lows were full of showers, grey clouds and saddness.

My mum's very best friend Alice, her cat she had owned for 13 years passed away, she was Katie's sister and my mum had bottle fed Alice from the age of 2 days old until she was 3 months old. She was diagnosed with cancer and given 2 months to live, sadly her little body could take no more after 5 weeks. When Alice passed away, the family dog Bella took a big turn for the worse in her old age and woke up completely paralysed from the middle of her back down. After a visit to the vets, it was confirmed that this was an underlying problem that progressively gets worse and was most likely brought on by her saddness over Alice. It was heart breaking. The vets are working hard to try and stabalise Bella with medication and she is slowly but surely getting back on her feet. We can only cross our fingers, that at 14 we're not asking too much of our precious big bear.

Although I felt so much heart ache during March, I also had some of the most heart warming, wonderful days with my other half. Fray and I visited Paris for just 36 hours, a whirlwind of a trip, we also ventured out on a boat around the harbour of Barcelona. Knowing he is just a phone call away during the toughest of times puts my mind at ease, however having him right next to me makes me feel as if I can truly overcome any hurdle life throws at me. Long distance can be tough, but it is more than worth it for us.

As if a trip to Paris wasn't enough during March, my best friend Laura came to visit for the very first time. We spent the week catching up, crying, drinking tea, cuddling cats, laughing until our tummies hurt and venturing out into Sitges on a night out. It was everything I needed and more.

They say everything in life happens for a reason. I'm afraid I struggle with this saying and belief when life gets a little challenging, however, if nothing else, March has taught me to hold those I love extra tight. Have as many cat cuddles as my furbabies will allow, and to appreciate the three little faces that wait patiently for me to come home every night.

My March vlog is full of all the happy, fun and amazing parts of this rollercoaster of a month. Capturing moments that will conjure up the best of memories forever more is still one of my most favourite hobbies.

I hope April brings a month of sunny days, extra long cat cuddles and happy, joyful moments.

Peta x