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The Delightful Diaries - The one where June and July happened

The Delightful Diaries - The one where June and July happened

For years I posted a gratitude post every Wednesday, taking part in Sally’s Wonderful Wednesday - a moment of each week to take a look at the past 7 days and think of the little wonderful moments. However I’ve found it tough to stay on top of this year, my weekdays are always busy from 6am until 10pm, finding time to boot up the rather slow laptop, wait the half an hour it takes to come on and not fall asleep in the meantime has become near impossible. I have shared Wonderful Wednesdays on Instagram instead every now and then, but I was craving another way to document the lovely memories gone by. Cue The Delightful Diaries - a new series where I can document weeks and at times, such as now, months gone by. I adore this blog, I love the photos saved on here all doorways to an abundance of memories. So, without further a do, let’s take a look at the delightful of June and July 2019.


Sunflowers Galoooooooore. Oh just look at them! So tall and strong and beautiful. Sadly the insane temperatures we’re experiencing of 49.5’c here in Spain have really hit them hard, we continue to water them every day and hope that they’ll keep growing, but if Mother Nature has other plans, we have these photographs to remind us of the amazing experience growing 131 sunflowers was. I asked my lovely friends of Instagram for name suggestions beginning with S, we named over 90 of the sunnies and I sent out photo updates of each individual flower to those who named them. It brought us so much joy and I can honestly say it’s been a very rewarding experience - not to mention the smile it put on my face seeing them every morning.


Photos, photos, photos - for my birthday my lovely Mum and Dad gave me a HP Sprocket and I am really enjoying printing photos out for my happiness journal. These little mini printers are like polaroid cameras, they don’t require ink and you just refill with the special photo paper which costs around £8.99 for 20 sheets. The back of the paper peels off so that it can be a sticker which is perfect for photo albums or journals. I’m very obsessed with mine and as you can imagine I have many cat photos!! Here’s a link if you fancy having a look on amazon - this is an affiliate link.

Oh the end of year always brings so much fun and craziness but lots of fun! We had a school water fight on the last day and I was in charge of the hose which, quite frankly, was hilarious. We had an end of year beach party for the staff which was lovely and I ended up volunteering Cat Dad as the official driver home for my friends - thanks Cat Dad, you the best!

Ooooh let’s have another look at those sunnies shall we? I feel like the big photo of them all shows just how amazing they were in full bloom.


At the end of June I completed a very intensive course and am now a qualified Children’s Yoga Teacher. I learnt so much on the course, it was really interesting and I would highly recommend it for anyone who works with or has children in their family. We really worked on finding our own inner child again and there was so much playfulness. We had to write our own meditations, sun salutations and on the final day give a full yoga class. It was a brilliant experience.

Cat Dad and I celebrated three years of being a couple on the 1st of July. We had some tapas and a glass of cava in a beach bar and then headed to our favourite Japanese restaurant for sushi and noodles - YUM!


We managed to get a little rowing in before we went back to Cornwall on our holibobs for two weeks, watching the sunset over the mountains from out in the bay was stunning and so calming. Here’s a plane pic of us on our way from Barcelona to Bristol, I won’t lie, I promptly fell asleep right after this photo was taken and then woke up for a cup of tea and some porridge.


Upon arriving back in Blighty we headed up to the midlands first to see Cat Dad’s Gran and then drove back down to good old Kernow. We spent a lot of time with family and friends which was delightful, we visited St.Michaels Mount with Lucy and went for a wander around the castle and grounds which is really impressive. We had a picnic with Lucy up on the mount and it was such a lovely day.


The moment Lucy and I pretended to do an engagement photo and Cat Dad felt a tad left out…


We managed to fit a little playtime out in the bay, I got to drive the boat whilst Cat Dad and our friend wakeboarded. We headed up the river and moored next to the fish and chip shop where we got chips and tea and headed back out into the bay to enjoy them - away from those very persistent seagulls!


I must say, whenever we go for a wander in Cornwall I always feel so lucky that we come from such a beautiful part of the world. It was lovely and cool in the evenings and we took full advantage wearing jeans and hoodies - living in Barcelona we only get the chance to wrap up warm in Winter!


We went out out with these fabulous humans and threw some impressive shapes on the dance floor of the Boscarn, our local and only nightclub in our hometown. When we walked in there were only four people in the whole place, but there were flashing lights, a smoke machine and some pretty funky tunes, so we had the dance floor to ourselves for a while. I also enjoyed Peta Friendly Crumpets with jam and cups of tea - I may have eaten approximately 12 crumpets whilst in Cornwall…they were SCRUMPTIOUS.

I got to visit M&S and stock up on knickers - no-where does comfy pants like M&S. I purchased a few new reads from Waterstones - I will share the ones I’ve read on here soon I promise! I’m thinking about a little book corner of reads on here, what do you think? I purchased a new pair of very comfy boyfriend jeans from Next - half price in the sale and enjoyed cup after cup of glorious tea.

Lucy gifted me this beautiful To-Do list when we met up and I just love it so much, it’s a tear-off notepad of 50 pages and you can use any pen and the ink won’t go through to the other side! As you can see today’s To-Do List has been a gentle one…I may have skipped this blog post and watched Queer Eye first. Talk about being a rebel!!


I really missed the cats when we were away, upon our return Katie, Tina and Albert were very happy to see us but goodness me did Arthur make me suffer!! He wouldn’t come near us, kept walking off just out of reach and crying - definitely his way of punishing us! After half an hour or so he came around and he has been more cuddly in the past five days than ever before in his four years of existence! They are funny munchkins aren’t they!

Other little things I’ve been loving this week: The latest series of You, Me, Her on Netflix WHAT A SHOW!!!! RuPaul’s Drag Race - how have I waited this long to start watching?! And of course the latest series of Queer Eye. I’m really enjoying the book The Power, I’m about halfway through and will pop a review up when finished. Green and Black’s Dark Ginger Chocolate was a saviour at the beginning of the week when I lacked all of the energy. The new monster fan which is keeping us a little cooler and icy cold mango and orange smoothies - yummmmmmm.

I hope you’re having a delightful time wherever you are and whenever you read this. Until next time,


Cat Mum xx

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