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Directionally Challenged

Directionally Challenged


This morning I rocked up to work buzzing with energy after a 60 minute body pump class from hell. WHY DO YOU INSIST ON WORKING TRICEPS SO MUCH MR. INSTRUCTOR?! (Uhuh I still don't know the instructors name four months after joining the class.) I had a one and a half hour adults elementary class to teach and according to my lesson plan we were going to be covering directions. After the usual "good morning", "gosh yes it is Wednesday nearly the weekend!" And "where is everyone today?!". I set about my task of teaching the instructions required to get someone or something to a certain place.

They weren't getting it. They just looked at me shaking their heads, eyes wide with a disappointed look of 'we're just not made for this'. Adult students at a low level are special creatures, they require lots of tact, love and care. You can't expect too much and it's a constant battle to keep their self confidence at a healthy level.

After persevering a little more I clapped my hands together, asked my student's to pop their coats on and said we were going on a little trip. We spent the next forty minutes walking around town, with me asking for directions and them providing them. Slowly but surely they got it.

When it comes to changing the direction of  a lesson I'm quite a laid back teacher, I'll happily rip up the lesson plan (not literally) and wing it if I feel a different approach or method is required. However, when it comes to receiving directions to get my body to a specific place at a certain time that I have never been to before...that's where I struggle. I am most definitely directionally challenged.

As well as being directionally challenged in the literal sense I'd say I'm directionally challenged when it comes to that scary old path of life right now too. I'm currently being asked the question "Soooooo, what's your plan? What will you be doing next?" on a daily basis by friends, family and work colleagues. Even my neighbour can't help but pry, and although a thousand ideas and thoughts are whizzing around my little brain like super fast shiny red cars with go faster stripes on a race track, (everyone know the stripes make them so so so much quicker). The answer that inevitably tumbles out of my mouth is "errm...I'm not quite sure yet...". The look of worry, confusion and at times disbelief is becoming quite comical. It's a `You really do need to have a word with yourself over in that corner and give yourself a stern talking to´ kinda look. And maybe it's true, maybe I do.

What direction on the life path am I going to take? Obviously we can influence our lives a huge amount but our circumstances and the situations we find ourselves in can also effect the direction we take. As I look back, I can easily remember specific points in time where an external force - be it someone else's actions, a simple visit to the doctors or even reading a certain book has completely changed the direction of my life.

After much soul searching I have a general idea of the direction I'd like to head in. I have big dreams and goals for my life and I will do all that I can to achieve them but I think it's important to keep in mind that there is rarely just one route available to arrive at your destination. With every wrong turn we take we learn a new life lesson. Sometimes we have to make a U-turn and go back to where we came from starting over again, other times we have to stop, roll down the window and ask for a little help and there are times where all we can do is suck it up, grip the steering wheel and hope to god that we're heading the right way.

I wont be planning every step of my journey, I won't panic when I feel I'm a little lost, because the unplanned, unexpected routes where you took a wrong turn are just part of life. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today and we sure as hell won't get to where we're meant to be. Life is full of twists and turns, so buckle up (safety first) and enjoy the ride because it's the journey of your life.


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