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How to avoid distraction whilst working from home

How to avoid distraction whilst working from home


Distraction surrounds us, with every glance I take around my cluttered dining room I am distracted. My phone, my tablet, the laptop, my cats, the jobs that need doing around the house. The not so urgent things I have the sudden urge to conquer - such as cleaning my windows - in a desperate attempt to be superwoman and do EVERYTHING. Three blog posts have been written during a one hour and fifty seven minute flight from Bristol to Barcelona. I've also read two magazines, drank a cup of tea and annoyed the very nice gentleman to my left as I needed to go to the loo. (Heads up: don't drink three litres of water before boarding a plane, and expect not to need the toilet at some point.)

How is it that I have managed to write three pretty well thought out posts, which are about as coherent as an article will ever be from me, within the amount of time it would take to write a single post at home, if that?!

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I have a feeling that it has something to do with my phone being switched off, my iPad on airplane mode, with absolutely no distractions around me but the surprisingly calming hum of the plane's engines in the background - and the very friendly captain informing us that it's about to get a lil bumpy for the next twenty minutes or so.

I read a snippet on the back of a book in the airport in WHSmiths. It said that we will rarely do anything well whilst multitasking. ( I somehow managed to find the name of the book by googling the random sentences I could remember from the back. "The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload" by Daniel Levitin) I'm the queen of multitasking, I will tweet on my iPad whilst half way through a blog post on my laptop chatting on loudspeaker to the boy and uploading a pic onto Instagram on my phone.Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

A whole lot more would be achieved in my day if I were to compartmentalise my to do list, being strict with focusing all of my attention on each task and rewarding myself with a little phone break after crossing each item off.

Let's give it a go and see how I get on tomorrow. I won't post this until Tuesday (it's currently Wednesday) so by then I'll have a good few days under my belt.

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Hello post I wrote on a plane journey nearly a week ago! It's been tough. I won't lie I realllllly struggled not to take a quick peek at my phone during the first few days. I struggled and failed on quite a few occasions in fact. However when I was strict with myself I did get so much more done, and I must say I hadn't quite realised just how much a habbit of checking my phone I have.

I'm most definitely going to continue working this way as I feel less stressed and more on top of things t0o. I organise my day into do-able chunks and tick everything off my hand written to do list as I go, prioritising the most important and largest of tasks first. This really works well for me as ticking the items off a to-do list on my phone or iPad leads to yet more mindless distraction.

How do you organise your day? Do you find yourself reaching for your phone far too often? I'd love to hear your views on this subject.

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