Documenting Life | Weekly Vlogging

Nearly six months ago I set out on a mission to document my twenty-sixth year on this earth, now I won't pretend to be a great vlogger, nor will I say that my videos are anything particularly special to any other person viewing them, but to me they are something I treasure dearly. It just so happens, that during the first month of documenting my life on film, Fray and I began our relationship after nearly a lifetime of friendship. We have the start on video and looking back at those memories is so very heartwarming.

vlogging couple

For anyone out there who is considering vlogging, and when I've been asked about it in the past few months, my answer is always the same. Just go for it, the only way you'll learn is through doing. It's practice, practice, practice. At first you'll be terrible, you'll feel awkward in front of the camera and self conscious filming in public. But after just a short period of time that all disappears - much  like anything in life you grow used to it.

la sagrada familia

I can't put into words what my vlogs mean to me, yes they take time and effort but they are more than worth it.

vlogging life

Last week we went on a few little adventures, we watched the sunrise, went to the November festival with my family and visited the incredible Sagrada Familia Basilica. I managed to capture so much of it on camera, along with quite a few shots of the cats. So if you fancy a little nosey, here is my latest vlog.