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A Festive Bonanza | Pe-ta's Picks

A Festive Bonanza | Pe-ta's Picks


Hello and happy Friday lovelies! I feel like I haven't say down to have a proper chat to you in ages, partly because I've been banging on about all of the festive yumminess in every recipe post going, and partly because my time has been completely and utterly consumed with vlogmas. It's amazing and I'm thoroughly enjoying it but my goodness is it full on! Friday is here again, and I thought it was time I sat down and gave you a little run down of the latest online finds I've been swooning over.


A Festive Gift Guide For Chronic Illness

I love Christmas, but the gift guides that are thrown at us left right and centre reaaaally get on my nerves. So many guides don't have much thought put into them and I find them pretty useless, however Jenny's gift guide is the complete opposite. It offers some REALLY amazing present ideas for those who suffer with a chronic illness.

3 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy This Winter With Chinese Medicine 


This post on HBFIT has some much needed, very savvy advice for fighting those retched colds and flus during this very sniffly season.

Sophie Cliff's Mattress Post.  


Ahhh I know it's an ad post, and we should all be anti-ads because that's the in thing right? But sometimes, some bloggers - only the bloody epic ones might I add - just get you and have you wanting to run out, and buy a new mattress right now at 23:31 on a Thursday night because oh my god how can I ever have a good nights sleep again knowing that the memory foam goodness is out there waiting for me?! (and breathe.)

How To Slay Your Work Christmas Party

Vix has some much needed advice for the Christmas do season. Peta take notice, put into action and for the love of god do not lose your Christmas jumper this year.

Foggy Winter Mornings


If you're in need of a magical, whimsical post that journeys you to far off lands with incredible photography this is most definitely for you. It's just beautiful.

How To Stay Mindful This Holiday Season

I love this little post of useful tips for arguably THE most stressful time of the year.


If, like me, you are a Cat Lady then pop over and feast your cat loving eyes upon this post. It's short, it's sweet and you will in now way regret it. #JustSayin

Why Taking Magnesium Supplements Can Be Beneficial

If you suffer from migraines, poor sleeping, low energy levels or anxiety please read this post. I started taking magnesium supplements about a week ago and the difference in me already when it comes to migraines and sleep is mind blowing!






The Lively Show


This podcast with Jonathan Fields really struck a chord with me and is well worth a listen.


What have your internet favourites been this week? Share below or use #PetasPicks on twitter and instagram!

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